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Aug 22, 2014
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Printable Halloween Trivia Questions
Printable Halloween Trivia Questionsdownload

What are some Halloween questions?

To make Halloween more fun, one of the games you can do with the kids is Halloween trivia. You need to prepare some questions and make it as a mini quiz with prizes. Here are some example for Halloween trivia:

  1. How is Halloween started? Halloween already started thousands years ago. It came from the Celts who celebrate a holiday called Samhain that held on October 31. Due to Celts believe, the dead would come again on earth on the Samhain day. 
  2. Why do we use costumes during Halloween? Actually the reason why people are using costumes during Halloween is still related to the tradition. But, most people believe that the reason why they need to wear costumes is because of Jack O’ Lantern urban legend.
  3. Who is Jack O’ Lantern? Due to Irish myth, a long time ago, there lived someone whose name was Stingy Jack. He’s widely known as a thief who tricked the devil. One day, it is the time for Jack to die, but he doesn't want to. So, he plays tricks on the devil and persuades the devil to stay in his wallet to do some trick. But, once the devil turns into coins and jumps into his wallet, Jack traps the devil until they set a deal. The deal is that Jack would release the devil if they promise to not to take his soul. 


What are some fun facts about Halloween?

Since Halloween is one of the most memorable holidays that has been celebrated for centuries, there are still a lot of people who don’t know the fun fact about Halloween. There are some fun facts about Halloween:

  1. Halloween is not related with Christian belief or any religion. It is related to Celts and Irish culture.
  2. It is believed that the dead would walk on earth once again due to the end of spring and the beginning of winter.

Printable Halloween Trivia Games
Printable Halloween Trivia Gamesdownload
Halloween Trivia Questions and Answers
Halloween Trivia Questions and Answersdownload
Printable Halloween Trivia Games
Printable Halloween Trivia Gamesdownload
Printable Halloween Trivia Worksheets
Printable Halloween Trivia Worksheetsdownload
Printable Halloween Trivia Games
Printable Halloween Trivia Gamesdownload

What is the most popular costume for Halloween?

Since Halloween is a celebration for the dead, people often put a spooky costume at Halloween parties. So the most popular costume for halloween is about ghosts, zombies, and movie characters. Here are some recommendations:

  1. Halloween popular costumes for kids are astronauts, vampires, cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Mummy, ghosts, etc.
  2. Halloween popular costumes for teenagers usually they’ll choose by themselves, so maybe it would be teenager movie characters such as Alice in Wonderland, Dorothea from Wizard of Oz, Witch, etc.
  3. For adults, usually we can use a more simple costume but using more makeup to make us stand out more in the crowd or maybe we can use costumes like batman, joker, harley quinn, etc.

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