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Updated on Apr 06, 2022
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Printable Easter Activities for Kids
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What Worship is Held at Easter?

In 2023, Easter will be held on Sunday, April 9, 2023. The celebration is 3 days after Good Friday. In celebrating Easter, these worships are usually performed by Christians.

  1. Palm Sunday

    Palm Sunday is a day of remembrance in the Roman Catholic Church. The activity was carried out in the church on the Sunday before Easter.

    Its implementation refers to events recorded in four verses of the Bible. The celebration is held to commemorate the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. This was something special because Jesus was able to enter the holy city before being tortured and managed to rise from the dead.

    The symbol of the Palm Sunday celebration is a palm frond which has the meaning of victory. Christ also showed the palm branches associated with victory over sin and death.

    However, Palm Sunday is not only a momentum to commemorate Jesus' victory over death. It is also a time to remember Jesus' passion while being tortured.

    These stories will be read on Palm Sunday. Later, it will also be told again on Good Friday with a different interpretation.

  2. Way of The Cross

    The Way of the Cross or known as the Via Dolorosa is the Way of Suffering. The road becomes a picture of the final moments of Jesus' suffering. There is a tradition of devotion held by the entire Roman Catholic Church.

    Actually, devotion can be done at any time. However, it will usually be held in the days leading up to Easter. Especially when Good Friday and the Friday night before Easter are held.

    In this tradition, there are 14 stops or road stations. Then, Adoramus Te will be sung at each of those stops.

  3. Maundy Thursday

    Maundy Thursday is better known as Holy Thursday. On Maundy Thursday, the Last Supper was held. The event itself was held from 6 pm and carried out for 7 days.

  4. Good Friday

    Good Friday is held to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus and his death at Golgotha. The death of Jesus is estimated to have occurred in 34 AD based on the results of the analysis of Scientist Isaac Newton.


  5. Pentecost Day

    This day is known as White Sunday. Pentecost is a celebration to commemorate the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on all the prophets in Jerusalem. This event occurred 50 days after Jesus' resurrection.


What is An Easter Word Game?

Not only does a series of Easter worship, but you can also invite the children to do Easter word games. What's that?

So, it's an Easter-themed word scramble game or word puzzle. So, you have to look for words related to Easter. These games are fun and can be a great activity for the Easter holidays.

If you want to play it with kids, you have to download the template first. There are many types of puzzles that are given to children. An example is arranging random letters into correct words. To make children play the game more fun, do the following ways.

  • Use a timer for 5 minutes. Tell the children to be able to put the words together as quickly as possible.
  • Make the game a joint competition. Let the children unscramble all the words in the game. Well, the first person to do it is the winner.
  • You can also make it a raffle. You can ask the children to write a series of words on a piece of paper. Then, the paper is folded and put into the box. After being shuffled, the paper that is taken will be the winner.

Printable Easter Word Scramble Game
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Easter Word Search Puzzle
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Easter Word Scramble Printable
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What are The Benefits of Word Puzzles for Children's Mental Health?

Besides being a fun game, Easter word games also provide various benefits for children. What are they?

  1. Reducing Stress

    By playing word puzzles, children will become more focused on their activities. It is tantamount to doing meditation to reduce anxiety and external stress.

  2. Increase Intelligence

    People already know that word puzzles can be one of the best ways to improve children's brain abilities. By doing these activities, the brain will produce a lot of dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that functions to regulate mood, concentration, memory, motivation, and motor control.

  3. Keep Children Away from Gadget Addiction

    Based on research conducted by The Royal Society of Public Health, long-term use of social media and gadgets will affect children's mentality. Therefore, playing Easter word games is the right choice to maintain your child's mental health.

  4. Reducing Loneliness

    Research from The National Center for Biotechnology Information or NCBI proves that doing word puzzle games will improve cognitive function and provide intrinsic motivation. Moreover, the game is done in groups, so children's emotional bonds with those around them become closer. In this way, children will avoid feeling lonely and their mental health will be well maintained.

    In fact, according to Mental Mind UK research, loneliness will make a person have a mental disorder if left alone. Therefore, for you and your children who often feel lonely, you can get used to playing word puzzles with the people closest to you.
  5. Reducing The Alzheimer's Risks

    Alzheimer's is a terrible disease that can affect anyone. Alzheimer's is a disease that causes memory loss. If you and your children often do word puzzle games, the risk of Alzheimer's in old age will be reduced.

    According to research from the Archives of Neurology, playing puzzles can stimulate the brain to be more active and reduce the plaque that causes Alzheimer's in the brain. So, don't wait until later! You can play word puzzles with your children or loved ones from now on.

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