Christmas Movie Trivia

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Engage in Fun with Christmas Movie Trivia Printable

Boost your Christmas festivities with this engaging Christmas movie trivia printable. It's perfect for movie enthusiasts and fans of holiday films. Test your knowledge on classics like "It's a Wonderful Life" and modern favourites like "Elf", and make your festive period more exciting.

A Holiday Treat for Christmas Movie Lovers

If you're a fan of Christmas movies and looking for a fun activity, try out our Christmas movie trivia printable. It's a delightful way to challenge yourself, and a fun activity to enjoy with family and friends during the festive season.

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Christmas Movie Trivia Games Printables
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Printable Christmas Song Trivia
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Printable Christmas Games and Trivia
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Printable Christmas Trivia Games
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Printable Christmas Trivia
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Christmas Movie Trivia Printable Goodness for Families

Introduce some festive fun into your family events with an exciting Christmas movie trivia printable. With trivia on classics like "Home Alone", "Elf", and "The Polar Express", it's a fun way to test your family's Christmas movie knowledge.

Enhance Your Christmas Party with Movie Trivia Printable

If you are planning a Christmas party and looking for a fun addition, try our Christmas movie trivia printable. It's the perfect way to entertain your guests and infuse your event with Christmas spirit, making it an unforgettable experience.

Possible Questions for Christmas Movie Trivia

You can ask a variety of questions related to Christmas movies including movie-making, the setting, and character actions. For instance, 'In the 2009 animated version of A Christmas Carol, what did Ebenezer Scrooge see in the future?' (correct answer: his tomb), or 'In what state does A Christmas story take place?' (correct answer: 'Indiana').

Benefits of Playing Christmas Movie Trivia

Playing Christmas movie trivia can be fun, bring about a deeper awareness of movie details, and enhance your speed of thinking and writing. It's particularly useful for children as it can improve their note-taking speeds in school.


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  1. Maren

    The Christmas movie trivia printable is a perfect way to bring joy and entertainment to your holiday celebrations, allowing you and your loved ones to test your knowledge and reminisce about your favorite Christmas films.

  2. Nora

    Great Christmas Movie Trivia Printable! It's a fun and engaging way to test our knowledge of holiday classics. Can't wait to share it with friends and family during our Christmas gathering!

  3. Palmer

    Gain the ultimate festive entertainment with our Christmas Movie Trivia printable, featuring an exciting collection of questions and answers for your holiday gatherings. Enjoy a fun-filled evening challenging your friends and family's knowledge while creating lasting memories.

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