Printable Halloween Trivia Questions

Aug 02, 2022
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Printable Halloween Trivia Questions
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Printable Halloween Trivia Games
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How do Halloween trivia questions look like?

Actually, there are no strict rules for the questions for Halloween trivia. This game is meant to be played in casual and informal circumstances. Even if you find the game being played in a classroom setting, it is for the icebreaker and lead-in activity. The questions can look like guessing a Halloween character or place of the birth of the celebration. Still, you can make one with a question mark, such as “What does ‘Halloween’ mean?”

Making the question must in line with the answer too, right? You can make the prompt to fact-checking the trivia like “Is pumpkin a vegetable or fruit?” You can also reverse the description from the answer to the question box, as in “there are 2 vampire repellents….”

How to get the ideas to make Halloween trivia questions?

You know what, you can take the inspiration for the Halloween trivia questions from things you see every day, such as food, advertisement, movies, mythology, science, tradition, and so on. There are a lot of sweet treats on Halloween, such as candy corn, and also kids usually go trick-or-treating to collect chocolate and such sweets. If you switch on the TV, you will be able to see people promoting their products special for Halloween from the advertisement, as well as movies. You might as well hear or read a myth tradition around your area. That's something you must preserve. 

Printable Trivia Questions and Answers
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Printable Halloween Trivia Games
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Printable Halloween Trivia Games
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Halloween Trivia Questions and Answers
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Printable Halloween Trivia
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How to use Halloween trivia questions?

First things first, you need a group of people to play with. It is almost impossible to play without more than 2 people because there should be a lot of laughter! After that, you can set up the rules of the game. Some people might need a present for the winner, and some also give an amount of time because there are rounds from one another. Lastly, you find the area in the house, or Halloween party venue to use the questions as the game.

Should we get Halloween trivia questions for free?

Of course! Especially if you have limited time, printing from the internet is one of the fastest ways. Not only that, those who have prepared the free printable Halloween trivia questions already get the variations of questions, along with the answer types. If you are the one who's making the questions, the free prompts are your ideas to sort of update the questions. The free questions are also the money-saving part of Halloween preparations, so you can use the budget for something more important. 

What are the best Halloween theme movies?

Here are the best bone-chilling movies as recommendations. Sleepy Hollow aired in 1999 and talks about a human entering the witchcraft world.

It contains Halloween's perfect setting while also spooky and funny at the same time. If you traced back to your childhood, you might be familiar with the Casper. Casper is an animated ghost theme movie that aired in 1995.

It tells about the friendly ghost who gets to the hidden treasure with his ghost uncle. It is such a kid-friendly movie to watch on Halloween.

Other movies with a Halloween theme are Ginger Snaps (2000), May (2002), The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (1949), and many more.

What are some Halloween questions for children?

On Halloween, you might want to throw a kid-friendly game to make your kids enjoy the celebration. One of the games you can choose is Halloween trivia.

In this game, you have to prepare the questions to answer by the participants. For kids, you have to find the related questions which appropriate for their age. Choose the basic question for them to answer.

The question can be guessing the kind of fruit commonly carve during this season. You can also make them mention animal that the witch love. Besides, throwing the questions related to the movie would be awesome.

Make the kids mention the spooky characters from the movie. Don’t forget to test them about the time of its celebrations too. Make sure you throw the question, which is in line with their ages, so the kids will find it not too difficult.

In which country did Halloween originate?

Halloween is the spooky ancient celebration that was invented by the Samhain festival which took place in Ireland. Therefore, this tradition originated in Ireland, and the festival was held by the Irish.

From this festival, Halloween is related to spooky things due to the connection between the dead spirit on the festival.

During the Samhain, the dead spirit would enter the living world. The Irish would gather their harvest to welcome them. Time by time, the Halloween tradition growth and commemorate until nowadays on every 31st of October.

The common Halloween tradition includes trick or treating, carving jack-o-lantern, and dressing up in spooky costumes. In this modern time, people hold the Halloween party which decorate the venue with a scary theme and the participant wear the spooky costume to attend it.

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