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Nov 25, 2014
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Printable Hidden Objects Highlights
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What games are played on Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving moments are usually used as moments to celebrate warmth with family and closest relatives. In thanksgiving moments, apart from talking with friends who rarely see each other, it is also usually filled with various mini-games to liven up the atmosphere.

For adults, thanksgiving games are no longer mini pumpkin hunt or thanksgiving crafts. But it is word games, bingo games, thanksgiving hidden picture games, drinking games, and so on.

In addition, during Thanksgiving moments, people usually spend time chatting, watching Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and watching football. This is usually done after the preparation for the feast is over or after dinner.

What is the theme of Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a memorable holiday moment. Not only about the value that exists in Thanksgiving, but the holiday theme that is synonymous with autumn and the seasonal vegetable harvest season also makes it no less interesting.

During Thanksgiving, we often see symbols such as pumpkin, fall leaves, pinecones, turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberries sauce, feather, Indian and pilgrims costume, etc.

However, if you want to do decorations for Thanksgiving, you don't need to be confused and worry about spending a lot of money. You can take advantage of the decorations from Halloween night to save money. To make it feel more Thanksgiving-like, you can get rid of all the spooky decorations and add some bohemian touches.

If the decor is right, then you can also make a game that fits the Thanksgiving theme. For example, like thanksgiving bingo, thanksgiving jumble words, thanksgiving hidden picture games, and so on.

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What are some modern-day Thanksgiving traditions?

If in the beginning, Thanksgiving was a tradition used to show gratitude for the harvest, now on modern-day has experienced several shifts in activity.

Thanksgiving now means more than just a harvest festival and dinner together. However, it is also interpreted as a moment for the gathering of families who have separated cities.

During the Thanksgiving holiday in America, there is an increase in people who travel because they want to celebrate Thanksgiving in their hometown or together with their closest relatives.

Although it doesn't change many traditions in thanksgiving, people have started to make modern traditions in their respective families. Suppose it is like some families choose not to eat Turkey because they are vegetarian. Then there are some families who choose not to return to their hometowns and hold costume parties in the city. Then there are some people who decide to spend their Thanksgiving moments alone on a vacation to a tropical island.

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