Printable Halloween Paper Crafts

Aug 10, 2022
By Printablee
Printable Halloween Paper Crafts
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Printable Preschool Halloween Crafts
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What can I make out of paper for Halloween?

Paper crafts are the star when it comes to holiday seasons like Halloween or Christmas. You can make your own popcorn box or Halloween masks and also a Christmas flower wreath. For Halloween ideas, you can make a paper accordion craft for your ghost or pumpkin jack figure. You can even make a pumpkin lantern! Other decoration ideas such as DIY Halloween cards or Christmas greeting cards with a fluffy Santa’s beard that are made out of cotton. Surprisingly, there are a lot. As an example you have colorful papers and wrapping gift scraps, you can always make a cute craft out of it. 

How do you make spooky paper decorations?

Halloween is indeed about adding some spookily fun and creative touch to your house decoration. You can create some DIY projects and papercrafts with Halloween themes such as the paper chain with a silhouette of bats, witches, and spiders using black paper.  Plus get some fun templates to use as your paper wheel decoration. Make some ghosts peeking right from your window to scare the people from the very first time they pass by your house.

Printable Easy Halloween Crafts
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Halloween Craft Projects for Kids Printable
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Printable Halloween Paper Crafts
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Printable Halloween Scrapbook Paper
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Printable Preschool Halloween Crafts
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Printable Halloween Construction Paper Crafts
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Printable Halloween Crafts With Paper Bags
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Witch Paper Craft For Halloween
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Halloween Dracula Papercraft Printable
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Printable Halloween Paper Craft Toys Kids Decorations Preschool
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Printable Paper Mummy Toy Figure Craft For Kids On Halloween
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How do you make a pumpkin out of paper?

If you are thinking about how to make a rounded shape craft to make out of paper, well, it is possible. You can make a pumpkin by cutting some paper strips with your orange construction paper. Make paper as you wish to make a full rounded paper pumpkin. In other ways, you can create a pumpkin basket papercraft. You can easily print out the template and cut it out. Then add a long strip of paper to use as the handle. In no time, your kids will be ready to fill in the basket with some treats to come!

How do you make Halloween crafts?

There are various ideas you can choose to decorate your house with some Halloween crafts. If you have some bottled milk left, you can turn them into a pumpkin and ghost lamp for your front door lightning. Simply paint over the bottle using acrylic paint, with a dry brush and only a layer will spark the light from inside. A more friendly and easy-to-find item for your crafts is toilet paper rolls. You can decorate and wrap your roll using colorful paper to make Halloween special characters like Dracula or candy corn monster. Make these paper crafts with your kids at home so you will be able to get an authentic decoration plus quality time together.

Have you ever made pumpkins to use as suncatchers for Halloween?

This lovely decoration for a child's room window is a pair of happy face pumpkins. Tissue paper and contact paper can be used to achieve this suncatcher concept if your craft cabinet is empty of wax paper and crayons. 

Is there any paper craft that can be made during the Halloween season?

Your everyday office life can be made a little bit more enjoyable by decorating for the season. Halloween is arguably the most enjoyable holiday to decorate for.

You can try this fantastic paper craft to help you decorate your office for All Hallows' Eve in a more eerie manner.

Materials that you need:

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Small alligator clamps (optional)


  1. Before you start making this flower, you better use a heavier paper stock since paper that is stiffer and thicker will help keep its shape.

  2. Sketch the contours of the three outside and 4 main petals with a pencil. The tiny inner petals must be eventually rounded and asymmetrical in shape. The outer petals must represent large hearts in general. You can also choose to trim two or three leaves to decorate the base of your bloom.

  3. Make tiny cuts into the outer petals' bottom tips that are no larger than 1/4 inch. Then, overlap them in this manner to form the cup that will serve as your blossom. Following the cut, place a little drop of glue.

  4. Using your thumb and scissors, lightly curl the petal's tops so that they naturally curve outward.

  5. By carefully overlaying and connecting the three outer petals with the 1/4 cuts, you may create the flower. Hold off until the glue dries.

  6. Every one of the inner petals should be ceased until it resembles a small cone; otherwise, they might like pencil shavings. Create a rose-shaped bloom by stacking the inner petal cones on top of one another with the tiniest on the inside and the largest on the outside.

  7. Put some glue in the outer petal cup's bottom to hold the inner petal set securely in place. The bottom of the blossom can now have your leaves added for a finished appearance.

How to make a simple ghost garland craft?

Anywhere throughout your house can easily be decorated with these adorable ghosts. Begin by folding the paper into portions that are each about 3" wide.

After that, slice out the ghost form you traced on the top piece, assuring it has arms that extend to the paper's edges. If you desire it longer, repeat the process with more paper. Use transparent tape to secure the threads together.

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