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Updated on May 09, 2023
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Outstanding Considerations for Getting a Cat from a Shelter

An animal shelter is an excellent spot to start if you're thinking about adopting an animal as a buddy into your home and aren't sure where to start. The explanations are as follows.

Adopting a cat allows you to save multiple lives.

A total of 860,000 cats are put to death each year, based according to the ASPCA, out of the 3.2 million cats that are discovered in shelters each year. In addition to providing a home for a few of the many animals in need, adopting a cat makes room for another cat to be taken in by shelters and rescue centers.

An adopted cat’s personality is known.

Every day, cats in various shelters spend time with their caregivers and volunteers, who discover something about their personalities. You might find a friend with the attitude you desire, especially among adult cats. You can come across a vivacious, energetic cat or a more laid-back cat who loves snuggling and a gentler condition.

Getting a cat as a pet is heart-healthy

According to a new study, having a cat may lower your chance of dying from heart disease and a stroke. Since stroke is the third leading cause of mortality for women and the fourth leading cause of death for men, this discovery is significant.

Children's ability to fight off asthma is improved by cats.

Research has revealed, as reported by Clinical & Experimental Allergy, that early contact with a cat in the house can help lessen children's vulnerability to the allergens cats produce. Children have a lower likelihood of getting allergy illnesses as a result.

Cats make great senior companions.

Older individuals can benefit from the adoring company of cats, especially older, gentler cats. With a little guidance from those working and volunteering at the shelter, you might discover one at a location that fits with your way of life, and so on.

Having a Cat Around Can Help You Relax

In a nutshell, getting a cat is like adopting a feisty, stress-relieving, moving cat. The simple act of being a cat has been demonstrated to help them cope with stress in a variety of ways. Spending time cuddling a fluffy cat after an intense day can help your body foster hormones that help you cope with stress. As a result, your levels of stress return to normal while the rate of your heart and blood pressure go down.

Relationships with pets have several advantages for their owners. College students have found that having cats or dogs, as well as engaging in a variety of other stress-reducing activities, has been helpful during exams period. Cats are frequently used to assist patients in stressful environments in nursing homes and medical facilities. In addition, petting your cat while you are sitting together and talking can improve your health in the long term.

Why Do Cats Make Good Pets?

In addition to offering all the pleasure and excitement of bigger pet animals, cats offer excellent pets regardless of whether you live in a huge home or a tiny studio. Below are some of the main advantages if you're considering about getting a cat.

Cats don't require a lot of care. Cats require fewer maintenance tasks and are more affordable than dogs. Cats are ideal pets for people who live in apartments or cities. They don't require a lot of room for playing and roaming; finding their way around your kitchen's crevices may keep them busy for several hours.

They are quiet. Cats typically meow once they are hungry, therefore you don't often have to be concerned about being startled or interrupted from your work by a cat.

They behave independently. Although cats are excellent at enjoying themselves, they will be loyal to you when you're looking for them. Most animals don't require or desire constant care, and cats never give you their guilt-inducing puppy looks.

Your residence is kept free of pests thanks to them. Cats enjoy catching mice and rats. Many cats take great pleasure in eliminating pests.

They live a long time. Although you're still far more probable to surpass the lifespan of a cat, you're going to get to spend more time with them because they live longer—up to 20 years, in particular.

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What Branch of Animal Life is the Domestic Cat a Member Of?

Cats (Felis catus), usually known as domestic cats or house cats, are carnivores and are classified in the family Felidae. This animal belongs to the same family as tigers, lions, and pumas, and it is the smallest among the members of that family.

How Do Cats Purr?

Purring is a characteristic of both domestic cats and other Felis species. A constant, rattling hum known as purring is frequently taken to imply a happy or contented animal. On the other hand, cats who are hurt or in agony will also purr.

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