Printable Halloween Award Certificates

Aug 02, 2022
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Printable Halloween Award Certificates
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Halloween Costume Contest Award Certificates
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How to give the wordings on Halloween award certificates?

Aside from ‘Congratulations!’, there are other synonyms to write on the Halloween award certificates. Now, it's time for you to imagine who is going to get the certificates and what occasion would it be. Let's take a look!

These are the wordings for a more formal Halloween.

"This certifies that (insert name) wins the competition"

"Best Halloween costume goes to..."

You can also make the blending with Halloween catchphrases.

"Such a great-wicked work!"

"To honor you devilishness"

Do we need to attach the space for names on the Halloween award certificates?

It is preferable to put the name of the winners on the Halloween award certificates. The recipients are going to look at it as if they get other formal certificates. It might be the sign that the party organizers celebrate the hard work of the players too.

You can put the name in the middle of the page of the certificate. There are also the designs that write the kind of like a paragraph, then they write it with hands. As a result, you need a marker to write down the names and categories of the achievement. All the while, it looks more prepared when it is typed. 

Printable Halloween Certificate Awards Templates
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Where do people get Halloween award certificates?

Just as where the games are held, the winners will receive the certificates right away. Thus, it can be at home, adult parties, and school or courses. It sounds fun, doesn't it?

The parents want to celebrate Halloween with kids by doing some activities for their skills. Most of them will do it at home, whether on the porch or living room, the same as a home party. Actually, this kind of celebration with the award certificate is inspired by the activity the children do at school. 

How fun when receiving Halloween award certificates?

Imagine when you accomplish something you've been working hard on, even if it's just Halloween games at the party. Let's break it!

Your (hard) works are recognized

Drawing a Halloween coloring page might be challenging for small children. When they are able to sketch some characters neatly, you can give one award. 

Motivation to level up

For parents whose kids haven't won the award, you can tell the kids that it's okay because there are still many opportunities and room to improve more. They will get to their growth too, just as many children are also working on it. 

What kind of Halloween game I can play using zombie eyeballs?

Holding Halloween celebrations can make you have to prepare any kinds of activities related. Besides the activity, the props need to be in the theme too.

One of them is zombie eyeball plastic. Here are some Halloween eyeball games you can choose to hold on your Halloween. Eyeball pong can be one of the options. In this game, the player will bounce the ball from far away and make it fall into the bunch of glass.

To prepare for this game, you need to prepare zombie eyeball plastic and the plastic glass with water contains. The winner is the person who enters the ball most of the time. Another one is the eyeball relay race which allows the participants to walk and hold the skeleton salad tongs with the eyeballs on them.

The winner will be the person who nailed it in keeping the ball and reaching the finish line earlier.

How can you DIY a Halloween award ribbon?

If you hold a Halloween party, you might throw some game or competition in which there will be a winner. Therefore, you might need award ribbons to sign the winners. Here’s how you can DIY it.

All you need to prepare are the ribbons, Halloween circular tag template, pins, scissors, and glue. For the circular template, you need to place the winner's name with the awards given. Make the circular shape out of ribbons. You can make the fold pattern.

Continue with sticking it behind the awards tags. Cut the ribbon twice as the bottom embellishment and stick it to the awards tags. Lastly, stick the pins behind it to make the award ribbon wearable.

This kind of award ribbon can be used for Halloween costume competitions, Halloween games, and many more.

What can you involve in the Halloween costume certificate?

You might throw a costume competition at your Halloween party. Therefore, you need to make an award certificate for those who win it.

The Halloween costume certificate does not need to be in formal form. You can expand your creativity by placing spooky decorations on it. To design the Halloween costume certificate, you need to include the information.

It can be the winner’s name, the name of the competition, the date, and the signature of the competition holder. Besides, you should also involve Halloween-related symbols as the design embellishment.

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