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Feb 05, 2011
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Printable Witches Spells
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How do you make decorations around the house for Halloween?

You don’t have to buy all of your Halloween decorations, instead, you can just make them, and the good news is you can find some of the materials around your house! Here are DIY ideas just for you!

Floating Ghost

Step 1 - Make your ghost shape with two small paper cups. Turn the first glass over, then place the second glass on top. To make it more stable, duct tape or glue the bottom of the two glasses.

You're not actually going to use the glasses as part of the ghost - they are only used for initial measurements. So if you don't want to duct it, don't worry!

Step 2 - Inflate a small balloon and place it in the glass on top. But don't blow too big a balloon! If it's too big, the balloon won't fit into the glass enough. Blow the balloon over the top of the glass, like a lump of cream on hot chocolate.

Step 3 - Soak the cheesecloth in a cloth stiffener. You will need to provide 20 cm square of cheesecloth. Take a bowl and fill it with a cloth stiffener, completely submerging each piece of cheesecloth. About 10 seconds per piece is sufficient.

Step 4 - Immediately place the cheesecloth on top of the balloon. After you've soaked a piece of cheesecloth, place it on top of the balloon and move on to the next slice. Center the piece of fabric, so that it covers the entire balloon, but not completely balanced. Once you have finished all your strips, let them dry for about ten minutes. The pieces of cloth will then harden and form.

Step 5 - Pop the balloons! This requires a needle or some other sharp object because you can't slam your piece on the floor (well, you can, if you're really annoyed - but your work will break). Once you've done that, you should have a white ghost-like work that is free to hover. Isn't Halloween fun?

Step 6 - Remove from the glass, and roughen the edges. The edges should appear frayed as if the ghosts were floating by some kind of inhuman wind. Just bend the edges with your fingers to do this step.

Step 7 - Glue the felt eye and fishing line to hang the ghost. Only tiny black dots for the eyes are all it takes to make this ghost cute and not creepy. Black sequins or beads can also work.

Step 8 - As for the fishing line, just thread it through the cheesecloth, loop it up, and knot! Hang your new friends on a lamp, shelf, window, or ceiling. Psst don’t chant some Halloween spells on them, it can make them haunt you!

How can I make Halloween fun?

There are many fun activities that you can do to make your Halloween fun. You can do the signature trick-or-tricking activities with your friends, Going to costume parties, make some Halloween DIYs Decoration or crafts like Halloween spells book, scary spider resin decoration, etc. And you can also go to a haunted house with your friends! Are you dare to explore them with some monsters and zombies?

Halloween Printable Witch Spells
Halloween Printable Witch Spellsdownload
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Harry Potter Printable Spell Book
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Printable Halloween Spell Book Covers
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Halloween Printable Witch Spells
Halloween Printable Witch Spellsdownload
Printable Witches Spells
Printable Witches Spellsdownload

When you have no friends, what do you have to do for Halloween?

You can still enjoy Halloween even if you’re a lone ranger. Here are some Halloween activities that you can do alone to have fun on Halloween.

  1. Scary Movies Marathon, it’s a perfectly chill plan to spend your cozy Halloween night!
  2. Baking Halloween Cookies, it’s nice to have some nice fresh-baked Halloween cookies while movie marathon!
  3. Make some Halloween DIY, you can make some Halloween DIYs decorations or crafts like Halloween spells book, scary skeleton resin decoration, etc.

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