Exercise Logs Journals

Updated: Jan 12, 2024

Keeping track of workouts in a gym gets tricky, especially when trying to remember what exercises we did last time, how many reps, or how much weight we lifted. Paper gets lost, and notes on phones get buried under tons of apps and notifications. We need an organized way to track progress, set goals, and keep motivated over time. Having a way to easily access and update this info would make the whole process smoother and more effective.

We design exercise logs and journals that you can print out easily. Each page provides space to track workouts, monitor progress, and set goals. Helpful for keeping motivation up and making sure routines don't get too repetitive. Good way to see improvements over time and stay focused on fitness goals.

Exercise Logs Journals

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  1. Workout Log Template
  2. Workout Log Template
  3. Exercise Log Workout
  4. Fitness Journal Template
  5. Walking Log Chart
  6. Weekly Workout Planner
  7. Weekly Food And Exercise Log
  8. Bullet Journal Workout Log
  9. Fitness Journal And Workout Log
  10. Motivational Food And Exercise Diary Template
Printable Workout Log Template
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Printable Workout Log Template
Pin It!   Printable Workout Log TemplatedownloadDownload PDF
Printable Exercise Log Workout
Pin It!   Printable Exercise Log WorkoutdownloadDownload PDF
Fitness Journal Template
Pin It!   Fitness Journal TemplatedownloadDownload PDF
Printable Walking Log Chart
Pin It!   Printable Walking Log ChartdownloadDownload PDF
Printable Weekly Workout Planner
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Weekly Food And Exercise Log Printable
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Bullet Journal Workout Log Printable
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Fitness Journal Printable And Workout Log
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Motivational Food And Exercise Diary Template
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Keeping an Exercise Journal

Implementing healthier habits can be assisted by using tools like a fitness journal. Here's how to get started:

Choose your journal. Select a journal - digital or physical - that suits your needs and lifestyle.

Set goals. Clearly outline your targets to help stay motivated and monitor progress.

Track your diet and goals. Keep a record of your food intake to better understand and adjust your eating habits.

Track your exercise frequency. Note your daily undertakings to help observe fluctuations in your workout performance.

Document your feelings. Write about how you feel during and after workouts to support achievement of your long-term goals.

Keep your journal appealing. Have fun with it, decorate it, write inspirational quotes to keep the process entertaining and motivating.

Allocate regular journaling time. Ensure you reserve specific time for journaling, making it a normal part of your routine.

By following these tips, you can effectively monitor your fitness progress and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


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  1. James

    Thank you for providing these free printable exercise logs and journals! Having a structured way to track my workouts and progress will help me stay motivated and focused on my fitness goals. Your resources are a valuable tool in keeping me accountable. Much appreciated!

  2. Veronica

    Printable exercise logs journals provide a convenient and cost-effective way to track your fitness progress and stay organized, helping you stay on top of your exercise routine and achieve your health goals more effectively.

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