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Updated on Jan 11, 2023
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How do you write an exercise journal?

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is needed a sense of willingness to be consistent all the time. Your mood in exercising might not always be good. Instead of messing up with the schedule you create in your head, just use the tool to track your exercise. Using the exercise journal will help you a lot.

  1. Choose the journal

If you are the type of person who writes everything, better to use paper in medium size to write down. You can also keep it simple by using digital apps to track your progress. Knowing yourself about it with choosing the one that you think will be the most effective for yourself.


  1. State your goals clearly

Defining the goal is quite crucial for the starter. With this, you can keep going ahead. Once your motivation is in low mode, you can look into your goals and then quickly change your mind. When it comes to exercise, you can mention the result you want to get such as getting in shape, losing weight, and more.


  1. Track your progress

No matter how small it is, writing down your progress will make you motivated to reach your goals in a certain time you already decide. It also makes you appreciate yourself more.


  1. Keep your emotions in the journal

Write down what you feel before and after the workout. You might feel happier. Then, tracking this reminds you to do the workout every time you feel bad.

What happens to your brain when you journal?

When you have no one to talk to about your day, journaling is the best alternative for it. By writing down anything you feel, you can express your feeling freely without any judgment from anyone. These are how journaling can bring benefits to your mental health:

It's reducing your stress level. Journal can be defined as a tool manager. With the tight schedule, you can manage your stress level through divide each activity using the journal. Therefore, you won't be suffered too much.

Improving your immune function. Scientists found out that expressive writing can boost your immunity. It also makes you less suffered from illness. Expressive writing proved to have a significant good impact on improving liver and lung function.

Journaling helps you sharpen your memory. It works to improve your memory and comprehension. It also has a part in increasing your working memory.

Boost your mood. Writing down and setting up everything make you have great social behavior. It also causes your mood better while giving you happiness and emotional balance.

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What are the benefits of routine physical activities?

Exercise is a part of maintaining your life to be less risk from any health diseases. The movement makes the muscles work and burn calories in your body. A lot of exercise types you can take such as swimming, jogging, dancing, and more. Those activities bring you benefits.

Workout indeed has a significant impact on your mood and feelings. It helps you decrease depression, stress, and anxiety. This is because movement has a role to regulate stress and anxiety in your brain.

It helps you to lose weight. Having some physical activities indeed brings benefits such as spending your energy in positive ways. Your exercise increases your metabolic rate and helps you burn calories.

Boost your energy. While you move your body, the heart pumps more blood while also sending oxygen through your muscles. Therefore, a person who has regular exercise will energize more.

After knowing those benefits, you might be getting motivated to start your routine with exercise. Start with scheduling then journal every progress you get from this new movement.

What are the cons of journaling?

Aside from the pros of journaling, cons also existed. The person who already set up a journal their whole life experience that journaling can be harmful sometimes.

Journaling might affect you to overthink. Being strict with your schedule and taking notes all the time, can prevent you from enjoying life. The compulsive journaling habit might constantly cost you happiness.

It can be confronting. Writing down your negative experience in your life might make you sound it confronting. It might be great for those who only deliver their expression through it. However, some people also feel anxiety because they push themselves to release negative energy which is might contain a sort of trauma.

In a very compulsive habit of journaling, it can cause danger. The case of Robert Shields is a prove. He was journaling for 25 years and need to stop due to the stroke. It was because he journaled every 5 minutes of his life.

The point is journaling can be great as long as it is in the appropriate portion. Don't let it take over your happiness and even cost your life.


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