Exercise Journals

Updated: Jan 10, 2024

Finding time for workouts gets tough. We want to track our fitness progress, but pen and paper feels old school. Yet, many digital tools seem too complex. Keeping track of exercises, reps, and sets without hassle is our goal. We need something simple and effective for our fitness journey.

We create printable exercise journals to help track fitness progress. These journals include spaces for daily exercise, nutrition, and even mood to see the big picture. Keeping everything in one place makes it simpler to spot patterns and adjust for better results. It's all about making fitness journey more organized and motivating.

Exercise Journals

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  1. Food Journal Weight Loss
  2. Workout Log PDF
  3. Workout Routine Women
  4. Exercise Log Workout
  5. Diet and Exercise Journal
  6. Diet and Exercise Log
  7. Daily Exercise Log
  8. Food Log Journal
  9. Downloadable Fitness Journal
  10. Workout Planner Exercise Log
Printable Food Journal Weight Loss
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Workout Log PDF
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Printable Workout Routine Women
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Printable Exercise Log Workout
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Diet and Exercise Journal Printable
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Printable Diet and Exercise Log
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Printable Daily Exercise Log
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Printable Food Log Journal
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Downloadable Fitness Journal
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Printable Workout Planner Exercise Log
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What are the benefits of routine physical activities?

Exercise is a part of maintaining your life to be less risk from any health diseases. The movement makes the muscles work and burn calories in your body. A lot of exercise types you can take such as swimming, jogging, dancing, and more. Those activities bring you benefits.

Workout indeed has a significant impact on your mood and feelings. It helps you decrease depression, stress, and anxiety. This is because movement has a role to regulate stress and anxiety in your brain.

It helps you to lose weight. Having some physical activities indeed brings benefits such as spending your energy in positive ways. Your exercise increases your metabolic rate and helps you burn calories.

Boost your energy. While you move your body, the heart pumps more blood while also sending oxygen through your muscles. Therefore, a person who has regular exercise will energize more.

After knowing those benefits, you might be getting motivated to start your routine with exercise. Start with scheduling then journal every progress you get from this new movement.

What are the cons of journaling?

Aside from the pros of journaling, cons also existed. The person who already set up a journal their whole life experience that journaling can be harmful sometimes.

Journaling might affect you to overthink. Being strict with your schedule and taking notes all the time, can prevent you from enjoying life. The compulsive journaling habit might constantly cost you happiness.

It can be confronting. Writing down your negative experience in your life might make you sound it confronting. It might be great for those who only deliver their expression through it. However, some people also feel anxiety because they push themselves to release negative energy which is might contain a sort of trauma.

In a very compulsive habit of journaling, it can cause danger. The case of Robert Shields is a prove. He was journaling for 25 years and need to stop due to the stroke. It was because he journaled every 5 minutes of his life.

The point is journaling can be great as long as it is in the appropriate portion. Don't let it take over your happiness and even cost your life.


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  1. Nathan

    This printable exercise journal is a game-changer! It helps me stay accountable and track my progress effortlessly. Thanks for simplifying my fitness journey!

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    Thank you for sharing these Printable Exercise Journals! They are a helpful and practical resource to track my fitness progress effectively. Appreciate having a simple and organized tool to stay motivated and accountable. Keep up the great work!

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    Thank you for creating these useful Printable Exercise Journals! They provide a practical and organized way to track my workouts, helping me stay focused and motivated. Keep up the great work!

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