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Mar 16, 2022
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Easter Bunny Outline Template
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How to decorate your yard on Easter?

It's kind of unpleasant to celebrate Easter without making yard decorations. Easter is supposed to be a time of joy and celebration. That is why you should do your own decorating in order to make your Eastern more fantastic. Here are some decoration ideas for you to consider. Making a wreath is a must-do activity for any holiday, including Easter. The easter bunny wreath is a good choice because bunnies are associated with this holiday.

The Easter bunny and Easter eggs originated as pagan symbols of spring and rebirth. To make a wreath, you must first decide on a wreath shape. It can be just the ears, the bunny face, and ears, or the entire body. This time, we would like to create a wreath using the bunny's face and ears. To design the bunny frame, use wire as the material. With pliers, you could shape the wire.

If you assume that using the wire will be difficult, you can substitute a wooden board. Use a different pattern and color of ribbon, eggshell, fluffy boa, glue, and colored spray to continue making another ornament. Moving on to the ornaments, color the eggshell with colored spray, preferably in a variety of colors. Then, if you want to make something out of the eggs, you can paint them. The suggestion is to paint the shell with the words "Happy Easter."

The bunny frame was then layered with fluffy boa and glued. Place the large ribbon bundle in the middle of the bunny face and the eggshells on the sides for the rest. They were firmly glued to each other. Aside from the bunny wreath, you can also make a wooden Easter bunny. Choose soft and easy-to-work-with pine wood. Then, cut it into the shape of a bunny. Color the bunny and add some face ornaments to make a creation. This would undoubtedly enhance the appearance of your yard.

What is Easter bunny stencil proper for?

You could use a bunny silhouette as a decoration template to beautify your home for Easter. This template is adaptable enough to be used in all areas of your home. You can choose from a variety of bunny templates, such as a plain bunny, a bunny with flowers inside, only the ears, or a footprint. You could also choose a color for the silhouette, but it will most likely be black. The small bunny stencils can be used to create a background for a wall. For example, if you want to make a bunny background for your room, you can use the small templates to fill in a side of the wall. It will be neat if you first size the ratio.

During Easter, you can also theme your dining table into bunny-themed by designing it with a bunny stencil. Choose whether it is small but requires a large number of templates or just the large one. The small templates can also be used to decorate the eggshells. You can paint your eggshell white first, then use the stencils to create a black bunny on it. You could also use the stencil to decorate your Easter cake.

Place the stencils on the cake and then cover with chocolate powder. The cake will then be beautifully decorated with the bunny's ornament. It will be a wonderful Easter if your home is full of bunny ornaments.

Bunny Rabbit Template
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How to make Easter bunny handicrafts from coffee cups?

Shout out to the coffee enthusiasts, some of you must often order whether it's through an online application or come directly to the place. Coinciding with Easter, it would definitely be nice if we ordered food and drinks with the family, but after that, you must be bothered with the garbage packaging of your order that accumulates. Here are a few tips on processing the packaging waste to become a unique creation while being able to have an enjoyable moment of celebrating Easter with family at home.

First, hole the paper glass on the left, right, and bottom sides of the glass. The hole should be the straw size and you could hole it with scissors. Prepare three straws and glued them with the tape at the top near the straw bend. After that, put the straw on the bottom hole inside the paper glass followed by other holes. So, the left and the right side will be the bunny's hands. Make sure you glue them with the tape in order to make them glued tightly.

After forming like a puppet doll, prepare the paper from the leftover paper bag and shape it into a rabbit's head with a one-piece circle pattern for the head and a two-piece oval for a pair of ears, attach all the parts to the straw with the tape. Easter rabbit creations from paper glass are finished. You could use this craft for your table decoration on Easter. 

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