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Updated on Apr 04, 2022
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Printable Easter Basket
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How can you arrange for the kids to create an Easter basket?

During Easter, you might come up with a kid’s activity that is linked to the celebration. There are many types of Easter items you can adopt as an activity.

Easter baskets will be a nice item to DIY for the kids. If you seek a recommendation for Easter basket crafting, just go straight on to get inspired!

Turning the paper plate into an Easter basket is possible. All you need to gather in creating this project are paper plates, glue, paper, bunny stencil, ribbon, paper puncher, and scissors. In this project, each kid will need to have paper plates.

Ask them to cut half one of the paper plates you gave. Continue with constructing embellishment items. Trace the bunny stencil on the paper and make the cutouts from it. for this one, you can free the kids to choose the whole bunny, bunny ears, or even just the bunny footprint as the embellishment on their basket.

Jump to constructing everything. Glued the paper plates and the half paper plate will be the front part. Continue to attach the bunny embellishment on the front part. Continue with making the hole for inserting the handle, so it can be wearable.

Create two holes in the upper part of the paper plate. Then, insert the ribbon as the handle. The Easter basket out of paper plate is ready to use for the egg hunt.

Besides the paper plate, you can also arrange for the kids to create the Easter basket from popsicle sticks, plastic bottles, cardboard, and many more.

How do you make chick craft from tissue paper?

The upcoming easter can turn into the kid’s project. There are numerous activities you can set to be Easter themes as long as you are involving the Easter items.

If you seek ideas for constructing the kid's Easter project, then making the tissue paper chick craft is recommended. Let’s dive right in!

Gather all the materials first. It can be tissue paper in orange and yellow, wiggled eyes, paper as the background, glue, a baby chick template, and scissor. In this project, kids have to start making the scramble cutouts from tissue paper.

The yellow ones will be the body part while the orange will be the legs and peak. Let’s jump to constructing the project!

Let the kids layer the baby chick template with the paper. make sure the upper part is the template. Continue to instruct them in sticking the tissue paper into the chick template.

Give some explanation that they have to stick the yellow ones in the body part while the orange will be as the peak and legs. After everything is dry, instruct them to add the wiggled eyes. The baby chick tissue paper is ready to display in the kid’s room.

Those are how you can arrange the project to create the baby chick out of tissue paper. besides the baby chick, you can also make ones with still an Easter theme such as Easter eggs, bunnies, lilies, and many more.

Easter Basket Cut Out
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Printable Easter Basket
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What foods I can place on the Easter charcuterie board?

Having an Easter gathering makes you have to prepare the food. Customizing the food to serve everyone's interests is a great plan. To serve the food in a unique way, you can go with the charcuterie board.

Check this out to get inspired on what you can place on the charcuterie board!

Charcuterie board with candies as the filling will catch kids’ attention. You can serve the ones that are in peep shape. Accompany the candies that are in the Easter color palette such as the soft color of yellow, green, blue, and pink. M&M’s in a bowl will make your charcuterie board more festive.

Fill your charcuterie board with dessert. Go with the cupcakes with the bunny toppings as the star dessert. The rice crispy eggs will be great for the charcuterie board. You can add this snack in various colors to make the charcuterie board more stand out.

Macaroons will be a nice treat too. The cake pops in a bunny head shape will look interesting for the kids.

Go with the healthy theme as your charcuterie board. While hosting the Easter party, there might be the ones of your guest that is vegetarian. Therefore, preparing the veggies charcuterie board will make them still able to enjoy the party.

Have a salad serving with the delicate dressing on the jar. Fill the veggies charcuterie board with carrots, asparagus, pickles, beets, cucumber, and so on. Display it with the flower embellishment to make it more stand out.

Those are the ideas for having the charcuterie board. Besides sweets and veggies, you can also go with fruits, fast food, meat, and many more.

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