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Updated on Mar 25, 2022
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Easter Egg Coloring Pages
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What’s an interesting design for Easter egg coloring?

The Easter celebration is rich with traditions such as painting egg shells, eating candies, watching the Easter parade, decorating Easter flowers, and so on. Those traditions have existed for decades. If you can't participate in all of the traditions, you can pick one, such as coloring Easter eggs. Here are some design ideas for painting egg shells to celebrate Easter. Glitter can be used to decorate the shells. You could paint the ornament above after dyeing the half egg shell in glitter liquid. The idea of a marbled Easter egg is great. The egg was dyed in a mixture comprised of water, oil, food coloring, and vinegar.

To make an excellent marble design, balance the colors. Another fantastic Easter egg coloring option is to make a tie-dye Easter egg. You only need toilet paper and liquid colors. All you have to do is wrap the egg in toilet paper and then spray it with liquid colors. Allow it to dry after splattering it with various liquid colors. Then, take out the toilet paper to reveal the tie-dyed effect. 
These Easter eggs can be used to decorate Easter trees, hunting egg games, desks, windows, and doors.

How can we decorate Easter eggs without painting?

Easter is a Christian occasion that commemorates Jesus' resurrection and is associated with the egg as one of its symbols. This is why so many people enjoy coloring Easter eggs. Typically, children will paint, color, and draw in the eggs. If you don't want to use those ways to decorate your Easter eggs, you can use buttons, beads, ribbon, and flannel instead. Here are the steps you can take. To begin making the button Easter egg, gather buttons of all colors and sizes, as well as glue. All that remains is to glue the buttons into the egg shell. Use your creativity to blend the colors and sizes of the buttons. Make certain that you completely cover it.

Now moving to the beads as ornamental decorations. The steps are exactly the same as the buttons. You must attach the beads to the shell and use the beads to create a pattern. If you want to make lovely drawings with beads, print the template and attach it to the shells. The beads can then be attached using the pattern. The eggs are then decorated with ribbon. Basically, you'll need ribbons in a variety of colors and patterns. You can customize it by tying all of the ribbons around the egg shell. Another option is to glue the ribbons to the egg shell one by one until the ribbon completely covers the shell. Lastly, for the flannel, use a variety of colors of it.

Following that, cut it into a wave's shape and stick the flannel to the egg shell. Aside from coloring and painting, these are some other ways to decorate an Easter egg. You can combine all of those materials. If you gather the buttons, beads, ribbon, and flannel properly, you will have a very artistic Easter egg.

Easter Egg Matching Game : Printables for Kids
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What can you create from coloring templates for Easter?

Easter is a fantastic occasion to spend with your family. You can plan some Easter activities for your family or enjoy a nice dinner with them. You might also plan an Easter egg coloring activity. After coloring the eggs with your family, you may be confused as to what to do with the eggs because the quantity is pretty large compared to your family members. These are some ideas for building creations out of a huge number of Easter eggs that you might want to consider. Make egg bouquets and distribute them to your neighbors. You may include the tag "you've been egged".  Filling plastic eggs with goodies and spreading them around the yard of an unsuspecting neighbor, friend, or family member is the concept of egging someone.

Next is an Easter egg tree. Because you must arrange the eggs in a tree shape, this will be the most spectacular decoration. Pine is the simplest tree template, therefore you may make it by following the pattern. Create a pine pattern out of styrofoam, and then begin gluing the egg shells one at a time. To achieve a tidy finish, draw the lines on the styrofoam before gluing it along the lines. This procedure will also make attaching the egg shells easier. As the tree peak, add a big egg with a shimmering pattern.

You can also add lighting to make it stand out in the dark. The final option is to use the eggs as Easter yard ornaments. Decorate the yard by laying eggs in each corner. The Easter egg shell can also be used to decorate the yard lamp. These are some suggestions to help you decorate a big number of Easter eggs.

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