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Feb 22, 2023
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How Long is The Easter Holiday?

The Easter holiday is one week. Therefore, the Easter holiday is also known as Easter Week. Easter week starts on Sunday to the next Saturday or Easter Saturday. However, some modern churches make Easter only a two-day holiday. So, they just made Sunday and Monday the Easter holidays.

In 116 countries, Easter Monday is a national holiday. Examples are Austria, Egypt, Germany, Australia, Ireland, Ghana, France, Italy, Russia, Kenya, Hong Kong, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Fiji, Spain, and Poland. Each of these countries has its way of celebrating the Easter holiday.

How is Easter Celebrated in 4 Continents in The World?

Countries around the world have different ways to celebrate Easter. These 4 continents in the world have a special way of celebrating Easter.

  1. America

    In the United States, Easter is celebrated by making the White House Easter Egg Roll. The country also makes Easter egg hunting and decorating events.

    Being one of the nig countries in America, Mexico also has its way of celebrating the Easter holiday. There are two big celebrations called Semana Santa and Pascua.

    On Semana Santa or Palm Sunday, they buy woven palm trees and hang them in doorways to ward off evil. Then, Sunday morning is the time when Pascua or Resurrection Sunday begins. On that day, there are night markets held in various cities in Mexico.

  2. Africa

    On Easter night, Africans decorate churches with Vitenge and Kanga. They were garments formed into flowers and butterflies. During the Mass celebration, traditional African dances were performed outside the church.

  3. Asia

    People in Israel and Jerusalem walk on the path Jesus walked at the time of the crucifixion. It is performed on Good Friday. 

  4. Europe

    Lighting the Easter fire on Easter Sunday is a big tradition in several big countries in Europe. This fire is also known as the Fire of Judas. This event existed before Christianity spread in Europe because it was a form of celebration to welcome spring.

How to Bring Joy in The Challenging Times for Adults?

Easter is a great holiday time. To become a mindful Easter holiday, these 5 games will allow adults to enjoy the Easter holiday full of happiness.

  1. Bread Feast

    Baking Easter cakes is a fun thing for adults. To make it more exciting, you can invite your friends to make the cake together.

  2. Easter Beer Hunt

    You can buy several beers according to the number of guests at your party. Don't forget to buy one delicious and expensive beer. It would be the special beer on the Easter beer hunt.

  3. Do Makeup with Easter Theme

    You can have an Easter makeup party with your friends. Use colors that are synonymous with Easter. It will also look great if you wear an Easter costume to your look.

  4. Truth or Dare

    Use Easter eggs to play a game of Truth or Dare. This will be a fun activity on your Easter holiday. Fill each plastic egg with a piece of “truth” paper. If the person who gets the egg doesn't want to answer the question written on the paper, that person has to do a challenge.

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What are Easter Date Ideas?

For adults, the Easter holiday is a day to be with loved ones. So, here are some fun date ideas to try for Easter.

  1. Go to The Easter Celebration Festival

    Look for information regarding the Easter festival near you. Then, go to the festival together with your partner. If there are no festivals around you and you are a couple of Christian lovers, then you can ask your partner to go to church together.

  2. Strolling

    Spring is pleasant weather. There is little snow on the streets combined with the warm sun. Snowdrops and bird sounds are great for your date. So, just spend your Easter holidays walking in the park with your partner.

  3. Buying Easter Gifts Together

    Easter is a day for exchanging gifts. So, you can go to the supermarket with your partner to find Easter gifts for the people closest to you.

  4. Watching Easter-Themed Movies

    Just like Christmas, there are many Easter-themed films during the holiday celebration. So, you can invite your partner to watch a movie together.

  5. Painting Easter Eggs

    Not only can it be done with many people, but painting Easter eggs can also be done with a partner. This is perfect for you who want to spend the Easter holidays privately. Then, decide who can do the best Easter egg painting.

  6. Join The Easter Community

    Many Easter communities held fun events at Easter. You can look for it on the internet. Don’t forget to find out the location of those events. Then, ask your partner to come to the community event together. You can join the people there to celebrate Easter together with lots of fun games.
  7. Visiting The Zoo or Pet Store

    Because Easter is synonymous with rabbits, you and your partner can take a look at the rabbits at the pet shop or zoo. Take a photo with the bunnies there. 

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