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May 09, 2022
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What are some points that make good financial planning?

Financial planning is something important to do to help you become a stress-less person. Not going to lie that money management is sometimes way more confusing than other management.

It also helps you to feel confident to spend your money and have no worries about money spent. Let’s take a look at what you have to do if you want good planning:

Having a concrete goal. If you have a goal to accomplish, it motivates you to do financial planning. Having goals helps you decide what’s strategies to plan and allocate your money. For instance, if you want to buy a house in your late 40s, you have an approximate amount of money that you have to save for a house.

Wise in budget planning. Imagine your salary is 100%, you might spend 50% on your daily needs, 30% of them on social life, and 20% on savings. This method is a well-known savings strategy. You might have your own amount on the allocation. Back to square one, depends on your goal.

For some adults, financial planning is draining and wastes time. If you feel you can’t do it by yourself and have no time, you can hire a professional to arrange it for you.

How to introduce your kids to savings?

Saving can be easily done if you’re used to it. So, you can make savings a habit and it might become a life skill. The fact, the environment especially the family take an important part. The earlier, the better. Teach your kids to do savings at an early age.

Start with an explanation about what they need and what they want. Teach them to separate the priority needs, such as food, house, and cloth. Then introduced them to minor needs like toys, smartphones, and going to movies. Make the conversation as light as you can, so your kids won’t be confused.

Provide an interesting saving jar. You can use a pig jar or other cute jar to save your kids money. Better the clear one, so they can see the money inside will be growing if they keep adding to it. Make a personalized bill calendar for them to learn to take notes for tracking.

Help them to avoid impulse buying. If you bring your kids to monthly shopping, teach them not to pick any snacks randomly. Write a list from home the thing they need to buy. Train them not to buy anything out of the list you made. Give them an easy explanation of why you do that. 

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How to improve personal financial management?

At this time, having money is often linked to having everything. When people say “money can’t buy happiness” is a questionable statement. The fact, you really need money to live your life and get through it as well.

Personal financial means the way you manage your money to prepare for your future. Though this activity is very useful, many people avoid financial planning and management. The worst case if you haven’t done the planning, it can lead to poor outcomes and unhealthy financial

You can start by learning how to manage personal finance, and gain more information about this activity, and the dos and don'ts. So that you can do it correctly and confidently manage the money you have.

Make sure that you set aside your salary for saving. It might seem difficult to do at first, but you can set goals so you get motivated. When you have 100% as your salary, 20% of them should go to savings, another 50% should go to daily needs, and the other 30% goes to social life or whatever you need.

Start to invest. These days investing money become a promising activity. If you invest your money consistently and correctly, your income might increase. Before you start an investment, better for you to deep dive into stocks, portfolios, and other investment things.

You can hire a personal consultant too if you want. This is to keep you on track to choose the most suitable kind for your planning.

What makes people often go off the budget?

Sometimes, people are having trouble creating a budget plan or savings. They think that budgeting is a waste of time. You have to make it weekly or monthly, sitting and writing just to write down the budget plan. This type of person prefers to spend their money without being planned.

The luxury lifestyle, makes them spend too much money on it. They only fill their desires even though it is not necessary. Buying luxury bags, shoes, and dress only to impress everyone. Sometimes, self-reward is allowed. Buy yourself a luxury brand but don’t use it as your lifestyle.

Even, people with budget planning often go off their budget sometimes. Maybe they have emergency spending that is excluded from the budget plan. Like a losing job, car accident, or house sudden repairmen. Prepare for the unexpected event!

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