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Updated on Nov 03, 2022
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Blank Calendar Printables
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How do you use the calendar for kids learning?

There are tons of benefits your kids can get. By learning how the calendar works, kids will understand the concept of days, dates, months, and the year which leads them to know today’s date.

In terms of kids learning, you can turn the calendar into engaging materials. Let’s check this out to get inspired!

Make them know the present situation by acknowledging themes about today’s date, month, and year. Then, you can move to the actual template for them to see.

Show to the kids how to define the date, day, month, and year. Start from the date. Acknowledge them that there will be 30-31 days in a month except for February.

Move to the days. Acknowledge the kids that there are 7-day names. You can introduce each of them by mentioning it at first then continue with the day song. Jump to the month. There will be 12 in a year and they have to memorize all of them. The weather and the season could be great to introduce too.

After acknowledging them about the time concept, move to test them with it. The worksheet should be great for it. Start from the date number, you can take them to fill the date in a blank template worksheet.

For the days, you can arrange the kids to fill the blank space with the alphabet to define the right day name. You can also do the same template for the month.

Those are how you can use the calendar for kids learning. Make sure you teach every material in a clear and engaging way while letting them enjoy it!

What can you include in the dot-to-dot calendar worksheet?

If you are planning to teach your kids the concept, dot-to-dot worksheets can be works too. The use of dot-to-dot worksheets makes the kids know about calendar content while also training them in writing it. Let’s dive right in!

Arrange the kids to do dot-to-dot numbers through the date template. Just provide the dot to dot in the calendar template to make them familiar with it. Go with the dot-to-dot day’s name too.

You can give the example on the first row and let the kids fill in the day’s name by connecting each dot to a form like an example you gave them.

List all the month’s names and make them trace the dots out of it. For the month’s name, you can divide it into two worksheets which the first you attach January, February, March, April, May, and June.

Then for the second worksheet, you can continue with the next month’s name such as July, August, September, October, November, and December. You can also include the season and weather names for the kids to trace the dots.

Those are what to include in the dot-to-dot worksheet. It is also interactive to do with. Make sure you attach every calendar component and make them understand each concept while also learning to write it!

Printable Calendar Templates
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What are some special days in January?

In a year, there must be any celebration which already exists since the previous era. If you are about to make a classroom calendar and need the reference to fill the special days in each month, just check this out to get insight!

January always comes up with winter celebrations. During this season, kids commonly ask to go out to build a snowman and also ice skating. For teaching, you can involve the winter items as the material to support the learning.

January is also the time that Martin Luther King Day celebrates. It is a commercial holiday in which everyone commemorates the official day of service and also the civil rights also legacy. On this day celebration, you can go with the vocabulary that is linked to this celebration for the kids to memorize.

January also becomes the celebration of the world’s family day. During this celebration, you can come up with the family worksheet. Let the kids pull off their creativity in crafting their family tree. Another celebration in January is inauguration day.

You can apply it to the students’ learning through the Trivia Hunt game. In this game, the students are supposed to find the facts about past US presidential inaugurations while also answering questions. The weather history at the time sounds attractive too. Those kinds of learning suit well for the students in grades 6-12.

January also becomes the month in which the Super Bowl Game is started. This is an American football competition. You can involve the sport in kids learning through hobbies materials. Introduce them to American football along with the Super Bowl Game.

Those are the special days in January that you can turn into student learning. Make sure you provide the games which belong to the day and let them enjoy it!

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