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Mar 06, 2023
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Easter is celebrated on April 9. Easter team-building activities are ways to enjoy the occasion with coworkers in the office. Trivia, workplace egg hunts, and excursions to animal sanctuaries are just a few examples. The goal of these exercises is to help teammates have fun and get to know their coworkers better while getting into the season's spirit.

Team-Building Activities for Adults on Easter

Easter Egg Hunt at the Workplace

One of the simplest Easter work party ideas is a workplace Easter egg hunt. While you might conceal real or plastic eggs around the office, hiding paper eggs is significantly less disruptive. Just print or cut out paper eggs and conceal them in both visible and inconspicuous places throughout the office. Participants must either identify the locations of all eggs or photograph each egg and submit it. To maximize team building and problem-solving, have workers complete the quest in groups. The team with the most eggs found receives a reward.

Word Finder

Participants can seek Easter phrases instead of eggs. Word searches are excellent icebreaker activities. You can distribute handouts to coworkers and present a reward to the first team to finish the search, put the search in the break room for staff to work on together or show the puzzle on a screen at the start of a meeting.

Decorating eggs

One of the most obvious Easter-related team-building activities is egg decorating. Just set up an egg-decorating station and let teams collaborate to produce wonders. To color actual eggs, boil a few dozen eggs and lay them aside to cool before filling cups with egg dye or paints and brushes. Using an instant pot allows you to hard boil eggs more quickly and effectively.

Instead, for a less messy option, acquire paper mâché eggs or cut out egg shapes from paper and let employees decorate. To make the exercise more adult-appropriate, ask an artist to demonstrate how to produce more premium eggs. You may also allow people to express their creativity and inner kid and decorate however they like.

The advantage of using imitation eggs is that you can exhibit the crafts on a team bulletin board or in an art museum, and the pieces can also serve as workplace décor.

Easter quiz

One of the finest Easter activities for adults is trivia. To participate in this challenge, first, collect or invent holiday-themed categories or questions. Then, divide the office into teams and provide each team with a question to answer. Participants can compete live by buzzing in with answers or demonstrating answers to an emcee, or you can assign forms to groups and offer points or awards depending on speed and accuracy.

Workplace Easter Bingo

Easter Bingo is a social activity that gets staff socializing and getting to know one another better. To begin the game, distribute randomized bingo cards to each participant. To tick off squares, gamers must converse with their peers and link coworker names to descriptions. Participants in larger groups are not permitted to repeat colleagues' names on the card. The game is won by the first person or team to get five squares in a row.

This exercise may be played as a meeting warmup, as part of a celebration, or during the workday.

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Chocolate Tasting

Because Easter is the most popular chocolate-selling holiday, participating in a chocolate tasting is one of the most appropriate (and tasty) Easter team-building activities for businesses. To organize a tasting, look for a chocolate sample event at a nearby chocolate maker, call a chocolatier or chef to give a class, or prepare and try your own kits by creating and tasting an array of truffles or bars. Then, as you taste, gather a group of people and share your thoughts.


Team meals are one of the most simple ways to commemorate a special event, and brunch is one of the greatest Easter work party ideas. Make a restaurant reservation, purchase caterers and put up a buffet, or organize a potluck. Give teammates time to prepare a dish and converse with colleagues. Team lunches are one of the most significant ideas for team building since most people like free food, and group meals allow employees to get to know and interact with one another.

Here are some suggestions for elevating your business Easter brunch:

  • Bagels buffet
  • Mimosa station
  • Dishes shaped like bunnies (like pancakes or smoothies)
  • Gourmet coffee sampling station


Gift Baskets

Giving out gift baskets is an Easter delight for the crew. Easily put together bundles of chocolates, candies, snacks, corporate swag, stickers, stationery, and other treats. Umbrellas are great spring swag since April showers bring May flowers, and sunglasses remind employees that the sun will be shining soon. Placing any kind of gift in a basket acknowledges the holiday spirit.

Relay Race for Eggs

One of the most enjoyable Easter-themed team-building activities is egg relay racing. To get started, designate a part of the hallway, sidewalk, or parking lot as the racetrack. Then, divide the players into three or four teams, and give each team a spoon and an uncooked egg. The egg must be balanced on a spoon and passed to the next partner without being dropped or broken. The game is won by the first team to cross the finish line with the egg intact.

To ensure that all racers have a chance, give teams replacement eggs when eggs break and simply tell the racer to return to their starting position and try again.

Posing Contest for Peeps

Marshmallow Peeps are a traditional Easter treat. In addition to utilizing these sweets as an afternoon snack, you may have teams compete to make complex dioramas. Reenacting movie scenes or historical events, for example, or visiting amusement parks or the zoo This is a Google search for examples and ideas.

Begin by giving each team a shoebox and one or two packs of Peeps, and then let their imaginations run wild. At the conclusion of the activity, have a judge or group of judges review the entries and select a winner.

Good tip: Capture images and create a gallery of participant entries for the entire office to enjoy.

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