Printable Christian Easter Subway Art

Mar 08, 2023
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Printable Easter Subway Art
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Christ is Present Everywhere

Caryll Houselander, an English mystic who lived in the twentieth century and died in 1954, recounts how a routine trip on a London subway train resulted in a vision that altered her course of action.

As workers of all stripes headed home at the end of the day, they crowded together while sitting and hanging their straps, and there were images of Christ all over.

Everywhere you look, you can find Christ; in Him, every kind of existence has significance and a bearing on all other kinds. After all, the best way to overcome loneliness in human beings is to recognize our unity in Christ.

How can I acquire religious subway art?

Religious subway art, which is available online, can be used to decorate your home for the arrival of Jesus Christ.

However, there are a lot of additional sources that may be explored. The internet stores in issue can include Etsy and Amazon.

Because there includes artwork relating to Jesus in this religious subway art, it may be a fantastic option if you want to give your living room a religious feel.

By doing so, you may just choose and purchase such religious subway art from an online store rather than having to bother making Christian decorations.

Who is the well-known creator of subway art?

Keith Haring produced works that were simultaneously political, provocative, all-encompassing, and cheerful in the 1980s by using the subway system in New York City as his canvas.

Keith Haring’s artistic history

New York City's subway system served as Keith Haring's "laboratory," according to the internationally known artist who produced some of the 20th century's most eye-catching works. Haring swiftly adapted to the turbulent, bright spirit of the city's underground in the late 1970s and 1980s after migrating from his native of Kutztown, Pennsylvania to Pittsburgh and then New York to study at the School of Visual Arts.

The power, speed, marginal position, and public character of graffiti, a genre that was entering its heyday by the time Haring came to New York in 1978, significantly affected Haring, as well as his colleagues and classmates in the New York City art movement of the 1980s—people like Jean-Michel Basquiat and Jenny Holzer. Haring, though, maybe more than any other artist of the 20th century, experimented with, studied, and loved graffiti.

Using chalk, paint, or markers, Haring filled subway signs and the matte black panels of paper left over when advertisements were removed. All through the 1980s, Haring employed subway environments as both his studio and his actual canvas. In order to avoid being arrested, Haring was not only fast with his performance but also very productive, producing over 5,000 chalk drawings between 1980 and 1985.

Easter Subway Art Printable
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Printable Easter Subway Art
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Printable Religious Easter Subway Art
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The world's most well-known works of street art

In the 1960s, street art emerged in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, thanks to the influence of painters like Cool Earl and Cornbread. This art form has been despised for years and involves spray-painting buildings, public transportation, and walls. Although it is prohibited and only lasts a short time since it is so simple to conceal it, street art has indeed succeeded in capturing the hearts of many artists. Because of this, you may learn more about street art by looking at these several well-known pieces.

  • The Little Girl with a Balloon by Banksy. He is the most well-known street artist in the entire world. For more than 23 years, the unidentified artist known only as Banksy has produced works of art all across the world. The British artist is using spray cans and stencils that he sets in advance before starting to paint.
  • "We the youth," by Keith Haring. The bright illustrations of exaggerated figures by this American pop artist are well-known. Jean Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring both started their careers. He received his HIV diagnosis in 1988 and made the decision to use art to help him battle the disease.
  • Combo, Coexist. Combo officially started his career as a musician in 2012. He was born to a Lebanese Christian father and a Moroccan Muslim mother. This dedicated street artist made the decision to place his promotional posters outside of Chornobyl's restricted area.
  • Shepard Fairey (Obey), Marianne. Shepard Fairey, an American who has been a professional artist since 1993, noticed an early interest in the field of street art. He made illustrations for skateboards and t-shirts while he was a teenager


The background of The Little Girl with the Balloon by Banksy

The art of Banksy can incite controversy. He produced The Little Child with a Balloon in London in 2002, one of his most recognizable pieces. The graffiti artist Banksy adds the words "There is always hope" alongside the tag of a young child in a black dress letting her balloon float away.

It's his way of emphasizing that despite how hopeless things may seem, we must never give up. A few seconds after the auctioneer's hammer fell in 2018 at an auction for the silkscreened version, the artwork self-destructed which caused the greatest artistic scandal.

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