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Jan 25, 2023
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Eastern Europe Maps Printable
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What is the oldest European country?

In some discussions, Bulgaria is the oldest nation acknowledged as the one. One of many reasons is that this country which is famous for its rose oil and lavender is able to keep its original name. The seventh century, around AD 681 is dated as the founding of Bulgaria with Khan Asparuh as the ruler of the Proto-Bulgarian people. Over the Danube River and founded their own state just south of it. Ever since time, it has undergone a number of border changes, but the country's name has stayed the same.

What fascinating details should you be aware of regarding Eastern Europe?

Here are some details regarding Eastern Europe that you might not be aware of, including:

  • To some extent, Russia is also a part of Eastern Europe. Despite the fact that Asia still comprises 77% of the country's total area.
  • The Volga and the Danube, the two longest rivers in Europe, both travel through Eastern Europe.
  • With the exception of the Nobel Peace Prize, Hungary represents the only nation in Eastern Europe whose citizens have won awards in every category that exists.
  • The capital of Slovakia and the only city in the world to share a border with two other nations—in this case, Austria and Hungary—is Bratislava, located in Eastern Europe.
  • It is in this region that Kalmykia, the only nation in Europe where Buddhism is the most common religion, is found.
  • Actually, Romanian land is traversed by the Moldova River, which gives the Republic of Moldova its name.
  • A new tax was implemented during the building of Belarus' National Library because the government lacked the resources to carry out such a significant undertaking.
  • The nation that produces the most wine worldwide is Moldova. The local workforce here is made up of about 25% of the total population.
  • Even numbers in a bouquet are considered a sign of sadness in Eastern European nations. However, both North America and Western Europe are the complete opposite, and so on.


What does "shaking heads" in Eastern Europe mean?

When you're traveling in Bulgaria and feel like you're experiencing contradictory messages, it's probable because Bulgarians shake their heads instead of nodding when they agree or approve of something. It turns out that some regions of Greece, Lebanon, Macedonia, and Albania all experience this occurrence.

It's fascinating that according to research by evolutionary anthropologists, nodding is virtually a universally accepted sign of agreement in societies around the globe, even in those that have grown up in complete isolation from one another. Only in this little region of Eastern Europe did people defy the norm. A nod of approval might be given to them, but doing so would basically just make things more complicated.

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Eastern Europe Political Map
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What engaging map-learning activities are there for children?

Your kids may study geography through reading, drawing their own maps, and using technology to explore the world by engaging in the beginning map activities below, such as:

Explore maps in detail. A wonderful way to teach kids to new ideas is through children's books. Reading through all the literature about maps can thus aid children in better understanding and obtaining the information from the maps.

Review the many map categories. A map is frequently what sparks a children’s interest in geography, make the learning process about the different types of maps exciting as a whole. Political, physical, climatic, topographical, and road maps are among the most frequently used map categories.

Video can be used to educate geography and map principles. Children have a good chance to discover more about maps through visuals when watching videos, and YouTube is home to some genuine finds.

Map out your homes with your children. Kids may associate maps with scavenger hunts while talking to them about maps and examining the world surrounding them. In order to increase the excitement of the scavenger hunt game, make the maps with the support of the decor in your home's rooms.

Make the switch to digital. Children can locate their own neighborhood, street, home, or school using Google Maps. With just an address or location in hand, young students can use Google Earth to discover the entire world.

What number of nations make up Eastern Europe?

The overall number of countries on this planet, which ranges from the 193 followed by two permanent observers recognized by the United Nations today to the 262 in the CIA World Factbook for 2022, contains 10 countries in the Eastern European region.

Is the United Kingdom still a member of the European Union?

On January 31, 2020, the United Kingdom departed from the European Union. A new cooperation between the European Union and the United Kingdom was agreed upon in 2020. On January 1, 2021, it establishes the laws that will be in effect between the European Union and the United Kingdom.

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