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Updated on Feb 05, 2021
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What are 144 miniatures?

It is a scale of miniatures, usually, it can be written 1:144 miniatures. The numbers of 144 refer to the dimension of the models which are 144 times smaller than the actual object. This scale is on a par with 1/2 inch in every 6 feet of the original version.

What objects are often made into 144 miniatures?

The usual original objects that usually made into miniatures  are:
1.    Dollhouse.
2.    The dollhouses that have 1:144 scale actually represent 1:12 scale of the 1:12 dollhouses. This means the 144 miniatures of dollhouses is twelve times smaller than the 1:12 scale of dollhouses. These 144 miniatures of dollhouses are commonly called dollhouse’s dollhouse. The common size of a dollhouse’s dollhouse is about 50 mm (1.969 inch).
3.    Diecast models.
4.    Diecast models commonly come in the miniatures of vehicles and airplanes. However, the diecast models that use 1:144 scales are large aircraft, for instance airliners and bombers.
5.    Action figure.
6.    The 144 miniatures also can be found on the main scale of High Grande and Real Grande Gundam.
7.    Plastic military models.
8.    It’s common to find plastic military models that use 1:144 scale. This setting is popular in Japan.

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What are the benefits of playing with miniatures?

Here are the function of playing with miniatures:
1.    Improves imagination skills.
2.    This game usually requires a role-playing game. Thus, they need to think about the scenario to be played. They don’t need to experience the scenario in real life. So, their imagination skills are trained to create a suitable story to play with the 144 miniatures.
3.    Develops fine motor skills.
4.    Since the name of miniature means the mini version of the real objects, they need to handle the small things in their hands. This activity requires their hands and fingers. By holding the 144 miniatures firmly, the game is going to run well. Their hands and fingers are trained, which means that the fine motor skills are involved.
5.    Learns about history.
6.    Based on the fact that one of common objects that are made into 144 miniatures are plastic military models. We can teach the kids about the history of a certain war by using the 144 miniatures of military models. They are used as the tools that help us to demonstrate the lessons.
7.    Trains to learn language.
8.    When doing a roleplay game, they usually speak the scenario orally. To run the story, they are required to have various vocabularies. This game also needs them to spell and pronounce the words that are used in the game correctly.

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