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Sep 05, 2022
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How can you arrange the “all about me” worksheet?

Arranging the activity on the first day of school can be done variously. If you want to make the students introduce themselves in detail, you can go with providing the “All About Me” worksheet. The students were allowed to write the things that related to themselves but were still based on the list. To have the design of the all about me worksheet, you can either arrange it by yourself or just seek it from the internet. If you decide to look for one, make sure you choose the one that is in line with your needs and students.

Choose a worksheet with a blank template since it will make the students able to color the worksheet instead of only writing. Commonly the list consists of the form that students should fill out based on their preference. It can consist of the form name, ages, friends name, favorite activities, favorite movies, the living place, future job, birthday, love and least favorite food, and many more. To do this worksheet, make sure you explain the rules first. The rules can be told about the things that they should write on the worksheet. You need to remind them to fill in by themselves as they need to explore themselves.

Ask the students to write and answer based on the list. Then, they can continue to color the worksheet. Using the pencil color would be preferable. Inform the students a day before this activity is held. This kind of activity also helps them to boost their writing skill and also coloring skill. 

What is some common first day of school things to do?

The first day of school can be the happiest time for the students. The excitement of meeting new friends is probably what they feel. However, many kinds of traditions that are commonly held on the first day of school involve the students and teacher. Here are some first day of school traditions you might find later.

Most of the activities done within the first week or even months were mostly about getting to know their new activity, experience, and people around. It can also become the time the teacher introduces the place of the school and the things in the class. As a teacher, an option to arrange a lunch break together will also help you to get to know each other. Giving the surprise to the kids also something you can do. Parents commonly arrange to give their kids a set of school supplies with encouraging notes.

Have a special activity after their first day too! You can give them a traveling prize to go to the theme park while also grabbing some ice cream. Commemorate their new experience by taking a cool picture with a nice background, whether it be in front of the school or at home with a uniform, to capture the moment. It’s better for you to have a talk with your kids after their day. Ask what they fear and love about the school. Give some encouraging words to make them motivated to keep going on doing the better things later, both at school or at home.

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How do you make a teacher kit as a gift for the first day of school?

Surprising the teacher on your kids' first day of school is such a great idea for making good impressions. Arranging a teacher kit would be awesome. Many kinds of things you can place inside to share with the teacher. Here are some things you can place and how to arrange it to be a great present.

You need to list the things to pack first. It can consist of supplies, sanitizer, beverages, and food. For the supplies, you can go with the things they need to use in the classroom. It can be a marker, sticky notes, pen, notebook, and many more. Include the hand sanitizer with wet tissues to pack. The beverages things can be as simple as the coffee beans (or instant) or tea. Meanwhile, for the food, some sweets such as donuts, candies, chocolate, and bread would be preferable.

Continue with the packing steps. Use the package that can be useful in the class too. A basket would be beneficial for the teacher to put the teaching supplies. Arrange all of the prizes in the basket. Make it a neat and clean package. Wrap them using plastic or a pretty gift wrapper. Don’t forget to write down some notes to encourage and say hi to the teacher.

After you finish packing and decorating the gift, you can give it to the teacher on the first day your kids enter the school. Preparing a gift for the teacher on your kids' first day of school is such a great way to give a nice introduction and impression.  

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