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Updated on Aug 30, 2023
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Color by Number Dinosaurs
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What Color Did Dinosaurs Look Like?

The color of the dinosaurs is still being debated today. Many people think that the colors of dinosaurs are gray and brown. However, researchers believe that these ancient animals had bright fur and color.

Jakob Vinther is a professor of macroevolution at the University of Bristol. He discovered a fact about the color of dinosaurs. This can be seen from the dinosaur fossils. He found melanosomes in the fossils that are useful for explaining the color of dinosaurs.

Until now, there are several dinosaur colors that have been found. Some of them are black, red, and brown. The discovery of dinosaur color is very important for depicting dinosaurs, especially for artists or people who want to draw dinosaurs.

What are Melanosomes?

Melanosomes are skin pigments produced by melanocytes. Melanocytes are the site of melanin production and are useful for helping transport melanin to keratinocytes. Melanosomes are pigments that determine skin color.

Dinosaur skin color was determined by the melanosomes. Researchers found melanosomes in dinosaur fossils. These melanosomes are considered as keratinophilic biofilm bacteria because they have the same size.

Melanosomes have several types. An example is eumelanin which gives brown and black colors. There is also pheomelanin for red.

Why Is It Difficult to Determine The Color Of Dinosaurs?

Although researchers can tell the color of a dinosaur from the melanosomes, melanosomes are not the main factor that determines the color of a dinosaur. There are other factors that affect the color of dinosaurs such as food.

A paleontologist at University College London explained that melanosomes are pigments and they can be degraded. So, the determination of the color of dinosaurs based on melanosomes is not really valid.

How to Teach Dinosaur Colors to Kids?

To increase kids' knowledge, you need to teach dinosaurs to kids. Because dinosaurs are interesting animals, children will enjoy learning about these ancient animals.

We recommend that you provide practice to help children understand the characteristics of dinosaurs. Let them pretend to be a paleontologist. You can also use dinosaur toys. The little world of dinosaurs you create will help children to understand the life of dinosaurs.

You can teach this to children aged 3-5 years old. So, the dinosaurs can be learned by preschoolers. However, you should use words that are easy for them to understand.

In teaching dinosaurs to children, make sure you explain the following things to them.

  • How to eat.
  • Dinosaur habitats.
  • Physical characteristics of dinosaurs such as body shape, color, and others.
  • Comparison of dinosaurs with other animals.
  • Dinosaur fossils.
  • The cause of the extinction of the dinosaurs.
  • Types of dinosaurs such as carnivores and herbivores.
  • Dinosaur adaptation.


What are Dinosaurs Colors by Numbers?

To help children understand dinosaurs, you can teach them by using dinosaur color by numbers. What's that? It is a worksheet that provides various numbers and colors. So, children not only understand the characteristics of dinosaurs, but also numbers and colors.

For preschoolers, there are worksheets that present easy numbers like the numbers 1-10. They have to color the dinosaur pictures according to those numbers. There are various types of dinosaurs on the worksheet such as T-Rex, Spinosaurus, and others.

You can print the worksheet as an entertainment activity for children. This activity can be done at home or at school. Children only need to use crayons to color the dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Color by Number Coloring Page
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Dinosaur Color by Number Worksheets
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Color by Number Dinosaurs
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Printable Color by Number Coloring Pages
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Dinosaur Color by Number Worksheets
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What is the Discovery Evidence for the Real Color of Dinosaurs?

Evidence of the discovery of the true colors of dinosaurs has actually been found for a long time. Scientists have discovered the colors of dinosaurs that lived 125 million years ago. In the dinosaur fossils, scientists found that the dinosaur had an orange-brown color on its tail.

Fossils do explain a lot about the characteristics and conditions of dinosaurs in the past. However, researchers are still continuing to research more things related to the color of dinosaurs. This is because fossils can provide inaccurate information.

A paleontologist from the University of Bristol explained that a fossilized bone is a preserved body part. So, it really can't explain in detail the skin color or the color of the dinosaur's fur.

He found another way to tell the color of dinosaurs. He used dinosaur feathers to find the dinosaur's color. He said that the color of the dinosaur he found was brown. He used clues from the structure of feathers to determine the color of the dinosaurs.

With this discovery, other researchers used microscopes to find out the true color of dinosaurs. From the fossil feathers, he also found other characteristics such as the number of legs, the shape of the limbs, the backbone, and the tail of the dinosaur.

In general, researchers use several stages to determine the color of the dinosaur.

  • First, they collected dinosaur bones.
  • Second, the researchers determined the shape of the muscles using marks made on the bones.
  • Next, they put together a puzzle to find out some of the characteristics of the dinosaurs.


Recent research in 2008 conducted by Yale University explains that melanosomes are skin pigments present in dinosaur feathers. Meanwhile, research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and written by researchers from Virginia Tech and the University of Bristol found that melanosomes in mammals can show the mammal's true color. That means the determination of dinosaur color from melanosomes is also a valid thing.

There is still much debate going on regarding the color of dinosaurs. Therefore, the actual color of dinosaurs depends on our imagination.

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