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Updated on Nov 11, 2022
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What was eaten at the original Thanksgiving?

As history said, the Thanksgiving commemoration was started with the Pilgrims who were the English settlers that came from North America on the Mayflower which established the Plymouth Colony to meet the Wampanoag.

Wampanoag itself was American native people and Indigenous people from the Northeastern Woodlands. Some foods were in the middle of a large dinner. Therefore, these types of food might be the ones you are already familiar with for the Thanksgiving feast.

  1. This turkey fowl indeed includes in the menu list of the first harvest feast. Massachusetts was the homeland of the Wampanoag. It was the habitat of wild turkeys. During the feast, the governor sent four men to hunt the turkey to cook.

  2. The land of Wampanoag was a source of great fruits including cranberry.

  3. Corn was the first one that the Pilgrims found in Massachusetts. During the first feat, both the Pilgrims and Wampanoag ate mushy corn as the starter.

  4. They were eating pumpkins hollowed out and filled out with milk and honey.

These foods were also good to combine with other ingredients for a special season serving as you wanted. Carefully mix and take a look at some recipes to get the right flavor for a lovely autumn holiday with your loved ones.

What are things that are traditionally associated with Thanksgiving?

If you guess the pumpkin belongs to Thanksgiving symbols, it is right! Aside from pumpkin, turkey, cornucopia, beans, corn, and cranberries are also included. Then, you might wonder why those things become thankful symbols.

Turkey become the symbol because it was included in the first Thanksgiving meals. Nowadays, turkey includes in the main course for big dinner the celebration. Turkey often becomes the template and even the shape of something on the feast. Some people would love to decorate the dessert with turkey looks.

Pumpkin is such a versatile symbol that includes Thanksgiving and Halloween celebrations. Pumpkin pie belongs to the traditional food that commonly exists on the thankful feast. It is often seen in kids’ crafts and decorations.

Cranberries are also a part of the feast symbol. Cranberry sauce is quite famous in the middle of the feast meals. This fruit also includes in the first Thanksgiving meals.  

Some American believed that the white and blue corn was sacred. It is called a traditional symbol because some resources said that the Wampanoag already grew corn before the Pilgrims arrived. Corn often cooks as a casserole.

Cornucopia becomes the symbol of Thanksgiving and harvest. It symbolizes the bountiful harvest. This item is commonly seen on feast decorations, especially for the centerpiece.

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How do you decorate a Thanksgiving tree?

Aside from Christmas, Thanksgiving works with the tree decoration too. With all the elements, you can afford beautiful decorations. Look below example!

Use your Christmas tree instead of buying a new one. Start by gathering all the needs. List some props such as pumpkin miniatures, artificial flowers, grateful signs, artificial corns, ribbons, and light bulbs. DIY the grateful sign will be better. Make the pumpkin cutouts and painted them all orange. Do the hand lettering to write thankful words in there. Use a large artificial pumpkin as the peak. Spread all the decoration items into the tree. Add the orange bulb and make it stunning at dinner.

If you crave the simplest one, then the tree with branches only can be your option. Put some artificial decorations. Make it looks like a pumpkin tree by adding some pumpkin miniature in each branch. Artificial maple leaves are the ones you cannot forget. These details will keep the tree simple and appealing.

Have those styles of Thanksgiving trees in a couple of days before the celebration. Take your kids in decorating while creating some memories to keep as a tradition and for a fun home holiday activity.

How do you make a daily thanks calendar?

To celebrate the thankful feast, you might come up with a daily thanks calendar. It leads to the thankful feast which you can fill with the thankful words to write. This way is such a great idea for teaching your kids to be thankful for everything they have. Because Thanksgiving is in November, then you can make it only with a blank template calendar. It also gets you to be more creative to fill it up.

Daily thanks calendar is used to fill in the thing that makes your kids grateful each day. Prepare the blank calendar template which has the space to fill in the thankful words. Instruct your kids to fill it in daily basis. Besides teaching kids with thankful, this daily calendar also makes the kids stick with discipline.

Involve the kids in making the calendar template will be good too. Create the calendar template with any Thanksgiving symbols. Let the kids color the template first before filling it out daily.

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