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May 20, 2022
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Happy Birthday Calendar Template
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What is the best way to use birthday display charts in a classroom?

Use the classroom birthday chart display chart with a cupcake theme to keep track of each student's birthday. It can be placed anyplace in your classroom to bring some little touch of excitement and enjoyment because it is colorful and vibrant. And it's quite simple to make!

To complete the downloadable poster, simply print it out and label the appropriate cupcake with each student's identity. You also can put laminating on it so the birthday chart display can be used for the following year too.

You may print it inefficiently and environmentally black and white if you're particularly concerned with the environment.

Your pupils will like keeping track of the days left until their birthdays, and this will encourage them to keep in mind to mark other people's birthdays as well.

Consider downloading the A3 version if you wish to create it even larger and more spectacular.

You may choose to commemorate children's birthdays throughout the school day since they are such a wonderful opportunity to make the students feel important.

Ask your students to make birthday cards for their classmates or simply wish them a happy birthday. They will learn the value of showing kindness to others by doing this, which is something you can still do.

How can a birthday calendar help the kids?

Your kids can learn about birthdays in a variety of ways with the support of birthday charts. They may be reminded of important dates and the idea that no one must be excluded. They'll start to realize that they need to care for others how they want to be cared for too.

You'll even be educating your students about birthday customs if you decide to have a birthday party in class, complete with music, cards, and gifts. As a result of your establishing a positive example, they can apply this in the future.

Last but not least, they infuse your classroom with joy and energy. Songs and cake go together on birthdays. Making another person feel special by taking time out of your busy day is a great approach to boost morale and foster a constructive learning atmosphere.

Birthday Cupcakes Classroom Display
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Birthday Cupcake for Classroom Calendar Printables
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Classroom Birthday Chart
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Are birthday cupcake crafts for preschoolers possible to make by them?

The following items are required for the cupcake activity. The majority of the items needed for this craft are likely available in your craft supplies.

Things that will be needed:

  • 1 substantial paper plate
  • Squares of pink tissue paper
  • Any coordinating journaling paper (or construction paper)
  • Small craft pom-poms
  • White glue 1 tiny (bigger than the mini)
  • Pom-Pom ball
  • Scissors

How to complete this kindergarten cupcake craft:

  1. Paper plate, first, cut it in half.

  2. In order to create a trapezoid form, trim two sides of a large square of scrapbook paper.

  3. The long side of the trapezoid should be reduced so that it is shorter than the paper plate's straight edge.

  4. The paper plate's spherical top should be covered with glue.

  5. Squares of pink tissue paper should be pressed onto the paper plate to resemble icing.

  6. The little pom poms should be sprinkled all over the roof of the pink "frosting," so use glue dots to attach them.

  7. To make the bigger pom-pom the cherry on top, stick it with glue in the middle of the paper plate's top round border.


In addition, in order to get your cupcake project more reminiscent of a genuine cupcake, use smaller paper plates. Alternately, you may craft a dozen sweet cupcakes out of different colored papers by using smaller paper plates.

You can replace beads or even stickers for the sprinkles in place of pom poms if you do not have them. The craft you may create with your kids using paper plates is perhaps one of the most adjustable!

How do you make pom-pom cupcakes for bookmarks?

The pompom cupcake bookmark is an example of a creative paper craft that can be made from cupcakes, in addition to using them as food to taste.

Supplies required:

  • Wrappers for little cupcakes
  • Yarn (mid-weight cotton or synthetic that is cheap) (medium-weight cotton or synthetic that is affordable)
  • Scissors
  • Big paper clips (metal or plastic)
  • Cardboard for strengthening wraps
  • Rigid cardboard (optional)
  • Approximately 1/4-inch-wide little pom poms for toppers
  • Glue sticks or hot glue
  • Paper stock in white
  • Free PDF pattern to print



  1. Craft pom poms out of yarn that are about 2.5 inches wide.

  2. The cupcake wrapper's edges and bottom should be strengthened.

  3. The bottom of the wrapper has a hole that you can insert the paper clip through. (This is a little challenging, but with practicing it becomes easier. Young children might require assistance.)

  4. Paperclips are inserted through the second hole and down through all the wrappers after being hooked onto the long yarn tail from your pom pom.

  5. Make a tight tie with the yarn tail to attach the pom pom to the paperclip.

  6. Re-knot the yarn and cut the edges so they fit within the wrapper and are hidden. Turn the paper clip around so that the second bend is located within the package. Check to see whether your clip can be secured to some paper.

  7. Attach a little pom-pom with glue to the yarn pom-pom's top.

  8. Each bookmark should have an accompanying free printable pattern. To attach the bookmark to the tag, use baker's twine or a simple hook.

  9. Have fun sharing your created crafts with your pals!

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