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Feb 22, 2023
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Printable Easter Card
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What is Meant by Virtual?

Virtual is a technology that can facilitate human activities. So, humans can connect with other humans even though they are in different locations with technology. Of course, you can do that with the internet.

The use of virtual media can be done in several activities such as communication, learning, and entertainment. In this way, many new ecosystems began to be created. This ecosystem allows humans to be connected to each other quickly and easily. 

An example is to conduct a virtual meeting. This activity can be done with platforms such as Google Meet and Zoom. There are several advanced features available on the platform to make discussions interesting and clear.

There are also virtual vacations. This method is done to invite people to take a vacation to a tourist spot by using a video display from the tour manager. So, you can experience virtual vacations to various regions and countries.

Just like holidays in general, you also have to buy tickets so you can take part in the virtual vacation. You also need to prepare a device that supports VR or Virtual Reality technology to make your virtual vacation experience more enjoyable.

You can also make various events virtually. With this virtual event, you can come to various events around the world. Usually, online seminars or webinars are one of the types of virtual events.

3 Virtual Easter Celebrations: Fun Activities to Enjoy with Family and Friends

Playing games at Easter celebrations is a fun activity. You can do these activities virtually. By making Easter events online, you will be able to interact with more friends and family from different regions and countries.  So, we give you some recommendations for virtual Easter celebrations which will be fun activities to enjoy with family and friends.

  1. Virtual Chubby Bunny Contest

    A fun game you can do at Easter is Chubby Bunny. Now you can play that game virtually. Make the event via Zoom. Prepare some marshmallows and everyone put the marshmallows in their mouths while saying “chubby bunny.”

    All the marshmallows must be added until one by one the players lose. So, the player who remains until the time runs out is the winner.

  2. Virtual Easter Basketball Game

    Basketball is a type of sport and a fun game. Therefore, if your friends or family like the game, then virtual Easter Basketball can be a fun activity to do.

    You just need to change the basketball into an Easter egg. So, use Easter eggs and put them in the Easter basket. The person who manages to throw the most eggs into the basket is the winner.

    The time needed for each person to be able to throw the eggs is 60 seconds. Within those 60 seconds, each person should be able to throw 21 eggs. Use Zoom or Google Meet to host this fun event.

  3. Virtual Easter Egg Decorating Contest

    Easter is synonymous with egg decorating activities. So, you shouldn't miss this event. You can hold the egg decorating event via an online platform. Then, do egg decorating activities like offline events.

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Printable Easter Cards
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What are The Best Ways in Creating Virtual Events at Easter?

Nowadays, people prefer holding online events as compared to offline events. The reason is, virtual events provide more benefits. Besides being able to save time, creating virtual events can also save energy and costs.

So, in Easter celebrations, people also prefer to hold the celebration virtually. To keep the event running smoothly, there are some tips you can do.

  1. Choosing The Right Platform

    Choosing the right and best platform is one of the important tips that you should try. The reason is, if the platform you choose doesn't have good performance, then the virtual Easter event that you are doing won't go well.

    There are various online platforms that you can find. Just look for the platform with the best reviews. The recommendations from users can really help you to determine the best one.

    In general, there are 3 types of platforms. The first is a simple platform that is suitable for users with limited time and resources. Usually, there is a live streaming feature that you can use.

    Then, there are intermediate platforms that work in the same way as offline events. You can create conference rooms and virtual meetings with this platform.

    There are also advanced platforms that can be used by people who need additional engagement features at virtual Easter events. This platform provides a face-to-face interaction experience just like an offline event.

  2. Inviting People to Be Interested in Attending It

    After determining which platform you want to use, then make a promotion so the people closest to you want to take part in the virtual event. Make attractive virtual invitations and send them virtual invitations.

    Currently, there are many applications that you can use to create invitations virtually. So, you don't need to worry. You just need to do everything online.

  3. Creating Content

    You must create unique, funny, and interesting video content. Share the content on social media so your friends and family can see it.

    Make a video that you can display during the event. However, don't share all those videos. Just share some part of the video, so your followers on social media will become curious and want to attend the virtual Easter event that you created.

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