Cute Halloween Subway Art Printable

Aug 29, 2021
By Printablee
Printable Halloween Subway Art
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What is subway art?

Subway art is also known as typography art. Subway art is means arranging words in a pleasing design and sometimes with other embellishments. Usually, the words or phrases are related in some manner. In the embroidery world, they are often used for birth announcements. A number of different fonts or typefaces can be used and size and color are also design elements. Text can run in any direction. Adding lines or other dividers improves the readability of the text, especially if you are squeezing a lot of information into a small space. If you want to see some examples, you can Google ‘subway art birth announcement’.

How do you make subway art?

Making subway art is can be hard, but can be easy too depends on what concept do you wanted to make. If you just need the basic subway art for your Halloween decorations, you can just gather some words that are related to Halloween and lookup for some fonts. After that, combine them and put them in any directions that you wanted. But today, we did not go to make the basic subway art. I’m going to show you how to spice up the game. Here are what you need :

Materials :

Two plywood pieces cut to 2’ x 16” rectangles, black and white acrylic paint, for the street signs/slats I used strips of composite wood cut into 3”x14” strips (you could use craft wood from anywhere that was fairly sturdy and thin), four more strips of scrap wood ¼ thick and 22” long – any wood will do – you won’t see them, a scanner and printer, an old candle, 80-grit sandpaper, Mod Podge Matte, foam brush, hot glue gun, and matte acrylic spray sealer

Step 1, prep the backboard. Using white acrylic paint to paint the edges and sides of the composite wood slats. After the paint is dry, rub your candle over the white paint on various parts of the slats, then paint them with black acrylic paint and let dry. At the same time, paint the plywood backboard and scrap wood strips then let dry. Use the 80-grit sandpaper to sand the edges of the slats slightly.

Step 2, make the street signs. At this point, you can make it by using stencils, or handwrite them, or just print out edited paper. If you print it, make sure to adjust it before attaching it to the slats.

Step 3, finish them. Hot glue the support strips in place. Attach the signs to the strips, and let cool before displaying.

Halloween Subway Art
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Halloween Subway Art Printable

Halloween Subway Art Printable
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Printable Halloween Subway Art
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Halloween Subway Art Printable
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What font does subway use?

Since subway art is a typography art, it means subway art uses many types of fonts. You can use any type of font that you wanted. But for the subway itself, they use the font Helvetica medium.

How may apothecary jar squash be used to decorate your kitchen shelves?

Blend and match these autumnal colors of the amber glass containers are evoked, while the cyanide-themed vintage labels on the squash give off an "evil lab" vibe.

The Honeynut squash's stem should be removed, and then a hole should be hollowed out and a cork inserted to construct the squash version. Apothecary labels can be attached with Mod Podge.

Have you ever decorated for Halloween with paper silhouettes?

Layers of eerie Halloween-themed craft paper silhouettes will add color and interest to a plain white mantel. While the entire family carries pickaxes and displays bloodied vampire's teeth, the matron of the home wears an enormous cardboard witch hat.

On a garland composed of black braided rope, bats land after flying over the landscape. In the background, coiled serpent andirons keep watch as red flames lap from the hearth.

Using family member silhouettes as templates, make a pumpkin cluster. Mod Podge is used to adhere them to the pumpkins, and black cording or sewing trim is used for the trimming.

What details to know about subway art?

A grouping of related words and phrases in square or rectangular forms is referred to as subway art or typographic art. You can use a variety of fonts, shapes, and colors to make interesting and distinctive designs.

Any direction can be used for the text, and dividers like lines and other objects are frequently used to help the text stand out.

Birth announcements using subway art designs, where all the baby's information is compiled into a sweet framed statement for the wall, have become increasingly popular.

This category focuses mainly on other kinds of subway art, such as instructions, warnings, and amusing family sayings that are produced with each room in the house in mind.

There will likely be numerous quotes concerning the family room, bathroom, laundry area, and kitchen. Additionally, there are various styles developed specifically for book enthusiasts.

How can a cameo cookie display be made?

Give the terrifying treatment to treats. Present the Cameo cookies in a wooden box with Spanish moss that you got at the store.

Attach a cardboard tag to the box with a frightening crow silhouette stamped on it. So that guests may take cookies home to enjoy later, print glassine bags with a spider.

The cookies are made by cutting the Cameo outline from slice-and-bake sugar cookie dough and baking them according to the recipe.

Once the image and "frame" are cool, decorate them with white royal icing and a dazzling black powdered sugar layer, then shake off any leftovers.

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