Church Cleaning Checklist Printable

Oct 28, 2013
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Church Cleaning Checklist Printable

Church Cleaning Checklist Printable

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Why does a church need to be clean?

Being in a clean place will definitely give a good experience to the people who are there. The church is a place where many people come to worship. If a church is not cleansed, worshipers will not find comfort in prayer. As a result, many people will rethink when they want to go to church and even decide to switch to another church. The worst possibility is that unclean conditions can make people who come to church sick.

Who takes responsibility for church cleaning?

Keeping the church clean is an obligation for everyone who comes to church. This awareness should have been owned because if you want to be treated well by other people, you also have to do good, right? Although the church has a special staff that takes care of the cleaning department, it does not hurt if you also giving help, right? One way is to not litter, both in the church room, in the churchyard and also the church's toilet. By paying attention to these three things, you care enough to help the work of those who clean the church. If good cooperation can be formed in the church environment, you do not need to worry about the germs and bacteria that exist because everyone is equally responsible for maintaining cleanliness.

What is a church cleaning checklist?

In cleaning, activities carried out in the church, by making a church cleaning checklist so that whatever is planned to clean the church can be carried out properly and no one is spared during the cleaning activity takes place. Examples of church cleaning checklists are parts of buildings such as lights, windows, doorknobs, and the like written in list form and then create a column next to the text to place the check icon.

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How to make a church cleaning checklist?

To make a church cleaning checklist, as explained above, you must have a list of parts to be cleaned. In order to have that list, it would be better if you surveyed the church first and brought notes for your cleaning needs. By looking directly at it, you can find out what cleaning equipment is needed. Not only is the cleaning activity on the checklist, but the equipment is also an important element of this process. Therefore you can plan it well before you start it. Church cleaning checklist can be made with the ordinary notebook or special checklist paper.

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