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Oct 14, 2020
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What is a maintenance checklist?

A home maintenance checklist is an itemized list of things in your house that need to be fixed. Usually, it has been prepared by the manufacturers of the asset or other expertise such as consultants.

Why do we need preventive maintenance checklists?

Every maintenance checklist has the standardization and when the works have to be done. So, it's better if we have a preventive maintenance checklist so we can ensure that no matter who is doing the work, it is getting done the same way.

Even Though everyone has their own specialties, there is an established standard that everyone needs to follow. Also, it makes the work more efficient and faster. We could track everyone's workflow using this task.

What is routine maintenance?

In order for the house to remain firmly maintained, you should carry out routine maintenance. This routine maintenance refers to every task that has been planned and ongoing to find out problems before failure or damage that causes losses.

Routine maintenance is also related to how long you have built the house. Based on age, the house also needs different care.

Home Maintenance Checklist Template
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Home Maintenance Checklist Template
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The following is an example of a routine maintenance list that you can follow.

Within 1 Year of Purchase

  • Fix any problems your home developer could identify
  • Check the fence for damage or looseness due to weather
  • You can do personalization such as changing wall paint or installing a new floor
  • Test your water pump if it is still functioning properly
  • Check the smoke alarm section, carbon monoxide alarm and earth fault circuit breakers monthly.
  • Check any part of the window for updating such as hinges or peeling wood.
  • Clean the trash in the gutter every month
  • Clean your fireplace and chimney once a year.
  • Perform an HVAC system maintenance routine every year (Can cost $ 100 to $ 200).
  • Check the air conditioning unit every fall

Within 2 or 5 Year of Purchase

  • Check the pavement every one to three years
  • Check all the patches in your house as needed.
  • Renew the protective coating on the deck every three to five years.
  • Clean the exterior of your house.

Within 6 and over Year of Purchase

  • Check your septic tank pump every five to seven years.
  • Clean or replace your home carpet
  • Repair hardwood floors after 20 years
  • Change the roof of your house after 20 to 25 years
  • Replace old furniture as needed
  • You can also do various renovations for children's rooms according to their needs and ages

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