Bingo Dauber Dot Printable Worksheets

Oct 12, 2014
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What is a bingo dabber?

Well, we can see the bingo dauber dot worksheets that consist of a certain shape and filled with several circles inside the shapes. However, to do the bingo dauber dot worksheets, we are required to understand what a bingo dabber is.

Yes, you can read that, dabber, and dauber. This makes us confused for some reason. Actually, both daubers, dabbers, and even dobbers are the same! To know what a bingo dabber is, we can define it as a marker that specifically can be used for dotting the bingo dauber dot worksheets. The tip of bingo daubers are made from felt.

Actually, the ink inside the bingo dauber is similar to the other markers which is translucent. However, things that make the bingo dabbers different is the shape and size. The size of the bingo dabber is way bigger than the common marker.

The body of the bingo dabber looks similar to the bottle. Then, the tip of the bingo dabber is also larger than the usual marker. That's why the bingo dauber dot worksheets consist of circles inside the shape of the worksheet. It's because the marker that can fill those with a single dot is just a bingo dabber.


What is bingo dauber ink made of?

Well, before we do bingo dauber dot worksheets with our kids, it is recommended to understand the composition of the ink. It is because we need to know whether the ink of bingo dauber ink can be harmful to our kids or not.

Actually, the composition of the bingo dauber ink is from fine powder in a form of solid materials. This ink can be considered as highly water-soluble. Also, this is not poisonous. The powder is diluted into the water so that it makes the ink easily flow into the bingo dauber tip. Keep in mind that even though the ink is safe, we can't put the tip intendedly to the mouth since it is not made to be eaten either.

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Does bingo dauber come out of clothes?

We have discussed the composition and the characteristic of the ink of the bingo dauber. When we do the bingo dauber dot worksheets with our kids, sometimes one of us accidentally makes a stroke on our clothes.

If it is our favourite clothes, definitely we will feel frustrated at the beginning. Since it is because we love it, we don't want to ruin it, right? Well, don't worry. Since the ink of bingo dauber is water-soluble, it makes the ink on our clothes can be removed when we wash it. Also, since the ink of bingo dabbers is translucent, that is why the ink is also washable when it comes to accidentally putting the stroke on our clothes.

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