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Jun 28, 2022
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Back to School Worksheets All About Me
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What is a worksheet?

Worksheet basically the same as its original word meaning. It is a sheet to perform many kinds of work. There are many forms of worksheets. Usually, they associated with work or school assignments, but it can be used in tax, accounting, and business. Nowadays the worksheet is not only on paper but also on the computer in word document form. 
When it is used as a school assignment, it can be printed and students can write on it. In there will be provided all instruments to make the assignment like name form, working time, instruction, the question, and of course place to write the answers. In school, life had functions to make the teacher know what student knowledge, the outcome of learning, and to show the progress of student study time. Otherwise, with a worksheet, the students will make it easy for them to write and collect. 
Worksheet not only used by children, in adult life it is still an important part to finish things. It is used in complex situations like marketing and tax calculating. Sometimes it also used to accept employees with a curriculum vitae or worksheet about me adult. 

How to write a good about me?

About me is one important part of your website, blog, or portfolio. Many people underestimate this part because it looks like it has fewer impacts. Eventually with “about me”, it can help potential clients or people recognize who you are and what you do. A good “about me” page should include a brief description of who you are and what you’re doing, how you got there, and what thing you try to reach next.  If you use it properly it will tell your credential, expertise, and your goals in the best way.
Decide if you want to use the first or third person to write. Make it short but full of explanation, it recommended around 250 words or less. Included your picture and don't forget to stay humble when writing it.  And most importantly be honest with your about me page. proofread when it finished and always update it if something changes in your career and interest.

All About Me Worksheets Printables
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What things that need to be included in about me worksheet?

About me reflects who you really are.  It needed to include things like:

  1. Your name.
  2. Where are you from, where you live.
  3. Your age.
  4. Your interest like hobbies or favorite things like your favorite animals or color.
  5. Your goals.

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