Printable Bingo Game Patterns

Aug 21, 2013
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Printable Bingo Game Patterns

Printable Bingo Game Patterns

Different Bingo Game Patterns
Different Bingo Game Patternsdownload

What are the different bingo patterns?

Actually, when it comes to playing bingo games, we commonly use the 5x5 grid. In the usual bingo pattern, each box inside the grid should be filled with all numbers from 1 to 25 randomly. However, the patterns of the bingo game are not limited to that. We can find many kinds of bingo game patterns. We can find 18 versions of various kinds of bingo game. Each pattern has its name. The pattern is associated with the name. For instance, if we find a wine glass pattern, this means that the pattern of the bingo game is similar to a wine glass.
Here are the 18 names of bingo game patterns:

  1. Bingo pattern:
  2. Clock bingo pattern.
  3. Wine glass pattern.
  4. Windmill bingo pattern.
  5. Bell pattern.
  6. Candy cane.
  7. Witches hat.
  8. Arrow pattern.
  9. Blood, sweat, and tears.
  10. Letters and numbers.
  11. Center row.
  12. Crazy T.
  13. Crazy pyramid.
  14. 4x4 block.
  15. The kite.
  16. The airplane.
  17. The dollar.
  18. The turtle.

Keep in mind, the pattern is made by blocking the boxes in dark colors. The patterns mean that we can't fill the numbers to be played.

What is the trick to winning bingo?

Yes, it is more challenging when we choose the complicated patterns that are used in the bingo game patterns. The more challenging, the less the probability of winning. Sometimes, we really want to win the game. We will feel satisfied after we won, right? That's why we are really passionate and motivated to win the game. If we have a lower chance when it comes to picking the bingo game patterns, don't worry, there is also a trick to bigger the opportunity to defeat the other player (s). One of the most effective trick to win bingo game is we can attend the bingo game with the lower attendance. Keep in mind, the winner of the bingo game is only one. The fewer the players, the fewer the "rivals" that needs to be defeated. We can attend on weeknights when the crowds of the players tend to be fewer. We can also apply this to only bingo too.

Printable Bingo Patterns
Printable Bingo Patternsdownload
Printable Bingo Patterns
Printable Bingo Patternsdownload
Printable Bingo Patterns
Printable Bingo Patternsdownload
Printable Bingo Card Pattern
Printable Bingo Card Patterndownload
Bingo Game Patterns
Bingo Game Patternsdownload

What is the most popular bingo number?

We can understand that the bingo game consists of 25 numbers. However, the numbers that will appear on the bingo game patterns are from numbers from 1 to 25. Studies found that number 75 is the most appeared number in bingo game. We can also find this in the bingo ball. Then, it is also found that 36 is the highest chance of the number that is called.

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