Easy Hidden Object Printable Worksheets

Updated on Jan 31, 2023
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Hidden Object Printable Worksheets
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What are Hidden Object Puzzle?

Hidden object puzzle adventure (HOPA) worksheets is a game that contains a puzzle to be able to find objects hidden in the page. Usually, one theme will be given for each game.

One of the examples is the theme of house. Players must find objects in the house. The items you are asked to find are also usually already in the object list. So, not all the things you see there you can choose. You can only choose certain things according to the order of the game.

Generally, the theme of this game is crime, detective, or mystery. So, we have to look for the objects needed by the character in the game in order to solve a case. Very exciting, right?

Until now, this hidden treasure hunt game are still a favorite type of game that many people like. Not surprisingly, many people are looking for printable easy hidden object worksheets to be able to play the game without having to bother downloading the application first. This also a great icebreaking tools to play during study in the classroom or to kill some time at home.

How Does The Game Develop?

Originally, this puzzle game appeared in I Spy books, a regular feature of Highlights for Children. In the book, readers are given a list of hidden objects that they must find. These objects are displayed in the form of photos or illustrations.

Then, because the book received a lot of attention, a gamified version of the hidden object game appeared. After that, the game continued to develop with various themes.

A professor and writer from the University of Georgia wrote a book that contains feminist video game theory. She found that there was a connection between hidden object games and feminists. Why? In fact, most of the game players are women.

The theory of the professor also states that there is a complexity contained in a hidden object game. Not only that, because the beginning of the emergence of hidden object games was from popular novels that made women the protagonists, this search and find object game much liked by women.

Now, with the sophistication of technology and the development of human thinking, of course, this kind of game that also helps to train focus and memory are growing. Many themes or genres have emerged from the game, so players won't get bored with the monotonous genre.

What are The Tricks to Spot the Difference?

Finding hidden objects in easy hidden object worksheets is not easy. Moreover, usually the hidden objects are made with a small size. Therefore, players must have high accuracy to be able to find all the requested objects easily.

So, to make it easier for you to find the requested items in the puzzle, here we provide easy tips for completing them:

  • Because the key to the game is related to the foresight of the eye in seeing a row of hidden objects, so make sure you have focus when playing it.
  • Then, look for each object one by one in each grid because the hidden objects are scattered in the grids in horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or partial positions.

Printable Hidden Objects
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The Benefits on Using Hidden Object Worksheets

Not only providing fun, this fun worksheets can also provide many benefits for the players.

  1. Test Your Patience

    Even though it looks easy, an easy hidden object game requires a lot of patience. The reason is the players have to research all the grids carefully in order to find the object in question. Well, if you are impatient in finding these objects, you will have a hard time finding them.

  2. Accuracy becomes Trained

    This game can also help you to be more thorough. This is because each player is required to be able to see all the objects carefully.

  3. It Can Help to Increase Your Vocabulary

    Apparently, by routinely completing sort of word and game activity, our vocabulary will also increase. Why? That's because the names of the objects in the worksheet are usually displayed in a foreign language. Of course, if we do it regularly, then over time our vocabulary related to objects around us will increase.

  4. The Speed of Thinking Will be Honed

    If you often complete games in easy hidden object worksheets, then your brain skills will also get better. Your brain will be more honed in finding something difficult quickly. For this reason, this game is highly recommended for children so the child's brain becomes better trained to find difficult things quickly and precisely.

    Not only for children, it turns out that playing seek and find game like this were also highly recommended for adults. By regularly completing hidden objects games, adults will avoid the risk of Alzheimer's disease. The reason is that they help to train the brain to continue work optimally. Finally, it can help reduce a person's level of senility.

  5. Visual Perception becomes Sharp

    Since the players are required to examine all the objects carefully, the visual perception will also be well honed. So, in that way, our visualization ability to see an object will be better.

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