Autumn Leaf Maze Printable

May 25, 2013
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What does maze mean?

Well, commonly, when it comes to autumn, one of the noticeable things that we can find is there are tons of leaves fall down. Some of us use that to make a maze. Yes, that's why there is an autumn leaf maze that we can find at kids when it comes to their playtimes. Actually, if we want to invite our kids to play the maze, we can also introduce them to the meaning of a maze itself. Actually, the maze can be defined as a network or channel that is intendedly made to be confused. It consists of an intercommunicating path. The purpose of playing maze game is to solve the way out so we can escape from the path.

What is the purpose of a maze?

Yes, we have discussed before that the main purpose of playing maze, including the leaf maze, is to escape. Yes, when it comes to escaping, it's not as easy as getting out. We need to find the best pattern to see that the path is opened. So, it will lead us to the "exit gate" of the maze. Then, we can leave the leaf maze. Actually, we can find the other four purposes of playing maze game, including getting the prize, tracing the path, to be a stage, or to be a metaphor.

Who invented the maze?

Well, when we play autumn leaf maze with our kids, we can also learn history with them. Yes, we call it fun learning when the game is done with education time at once. So, one of the lessons that they can get during playing autumn leaf maze is the inventor of the maze. Actually, the first discovery of the maze was in Egypt. Yes, we call it the Egyptian Labyrinth. A geek traveler and writer, Herodotus, back then came to the Egyptian when it was in the 5th century BC. The maze was placed in the opposite of Crocodipolis (the city of the crocodile). It was placed just above Lake Moeris.


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Why are mazes good for your brain?

Definitely, playing autumn leaf maze or labyrinth or maze, in general, brings good impacts on our brain, including our kids' brains. It is found by the researchers that solving maze help to improve patience and persistence. This also makes the kids understand the meaning of hard work and the concept of a reward after they have struggled to get what they want. The maze is also helpful to develop the thinking process or a cognitive aspect in general. When our kids focus on solving the autumn leaf maze games, it will be beneficial for their memorizing skills too.

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