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Mar 13, 2014
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Blank Guitar Chord Sheets Printable
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What Is The Cheapest Way to Ship a Guitar?

Shipping a guitar can be expensive. You have to make sure that the guitar is delivered safely. The key factor of a safe delivery is the packaging. You may need to ship the guitar with the case. But what if you don't have a case for the guitar? You will need a guitar box to ship it in. And the box can cost you more money. To reduce the amount of money you have to spend on shipping alone, there are few things you can do. First, you can call a guitar store near to your house and ask if they have any guitar boxes they're about to throw away. They may give it to you or you can buy it. Place the guitar in the box, make sure to wrap the guitar with a generous amount of bubble wrap to make it secured. Fill in the rest of the spaces in the box with paper or Styrofoam. Make it full and make sure that the guitar doesn't move. Close the box and tape it up nicely. This way, you have saved the packaging cost.

What Are The Dimensions of a Guitar Shipping Box?

There are no standard dimensions of a guitar shipping box. Different brands usually use different boxes, some use a bigger box than the case. But, normally you will need a box of 50x20x9 inches. Most guitar cases are about 46 inches long and you will need around two inches extra space below and above the guitar. You may also consider that electric and acoustic guitars have different dimensions. The best way to pick the perfect box to ship a guitar is to measure it including the case if you ship the case as well.

Blank Guitar Fretboard Chart
Blank Guitar Fretboard Chartdownload
Blank Guitar Chord Boxes
Blank Guitar Chord Boxesdownload
Blank Mandolin Chord Chart Printable
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Blank Guitar Fretboard Diagram
Blank Guitar Fretboard Diagramdownload
Blank Guitar Chord Charts
Blank Guitar Chord Chartsdownload
Blank Guitar Chord Chart Paper
Blank Guitar Chord Chart Paperdownload
Blank Ukulele Chord Boxes
Blank Ukulele Chord Boxesdownload

Can You Ship a Guitar Without a Box?

Yes, you can if you can face the risk of the guitar being broken. Proper packaging is crucial in guitar shipping. You need a proper box to make sure that the guitar is secured. Cardboard alone cannot protect the guitar. It's the material between the case and the box that protects the guitar. Even when you are using a heavy-duty guitar box, you still need to use a massive amount of bubble wrap. On the other side, if you insist on shipping the guitar without a box, the shipping company may not accept it. And if they do, you can't complain if something happens to the guitar.  

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