1st Grade Printable Number Line

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First Grade Number Line Worksheets
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What should we know regarding the number line?

In order to improve children's understanding of numbers, number lines are a useful factor.

By enhancing students' mental models of number size, number connections, and mathematical calculations, the use of addition and subtraction in teaching and learning encourages the active building of mathematics value.

The foundation of number lines is the measurement from a central object. This necessitates a conceptual shift in focus from a counting model that emphasizes the number of items in a group toward a reliability test that counts components of length.

Due to their new way of thinking, students must be explicitly and methodically taught about number lines.

Thorough knowledge of number lines is strongly correlated with the growth of more complex mathematical ideas.

In order to operate well in society, people need to have a strong understanding of number lines together with other mathematics skills and competencies.

What exactly is a number line?

In mathematics, a number line is a single straight line with numbers spaced equally apart along the whole line. There will be some that have a defined beginning and end. Closing number lines are what they are known as. The number lines may be left empty or blank.

Number ladders are lines of numbers that are vertical. In both elementary and middle school, number lines are commonly used to teach tasks like numbering, adding, and subtracting numbers. Furthermore, number lines are also implemented in kindergarten.

How does a number line help?

A number line serves as a visual math tool, which makes it helpful.

When teaching kids to count and write numbers, can help the parents and instructors. Additionally, it's a method that can aid in developing comprehension of the concepts involved in adding, dividing, multiplying, and subtracting numbers.

It's also a useful technique to demonstrate how fractions combine to form everything together.

Also, you can put blank or empty number lines beside word issues to assist pupils as they "leap" to the answers.

The following guidelines should be followed when implementing number lines:

  • Moving from right to left causes the numbers to rise, and vice versa. They're always done in chronological sequence.

  • In order to demonstrate that the worth between intervals is exactly the same, numbers are equally distributed along a line.

  • Fractions, decimals, and positive and negative numbers can all be used.

  • Make a left turn to add.

  • Make a right turn to subtract.

  • Skip-count to the left in groups to multiply.

  • Skip-count in groups to the right in order to divide.


It's also quite easy to understand the number lines. The values presented support children in visualizing and comparing the links between both the numbers depicted on the line, despite the fact that this isn't a ruler and the distance between numbers is not fixed.

As a result, number sense is further developed. They are, all things considered, flexible math tools that may be done both at home and in the classroom.

First Grade Math Number Line Worksheets
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First Grade Number Line Worksheets
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What kinds of activities can you do with number lines in your classroom?

For teaching understanding of mathematics, arithmetic, and a variety of other math concepts, teachers have relied on number lines for decades.

With the help of a selection of number line exercises, children of every age can grasp the ideas they need to succeed in math. Choose some to try now!

    • Numbers can be arranged using sticky notes. Children should arrange the sticky notes with numbers on the number line in the correct order. This straightforward concept is ideal for young children beginning to order numbers for the first time. However, number line exercises are also beneficial for older kids; try this activity with decimals, fractions, or negative numbers.

  • Create a life-size number line. You can play several active math games and experiment using a life-size number line in your classroom. When children take on the roles of numbers, they can benefit from number line games even more.

  • Arrange your shoes. Here is a number line activity that was specifically designed to be used with your life-size line.

    Ask the class to count and arrange their shoes, notebooks, and markers in a line. After all, there are countless options.

  • Draw a line with dotted numbers. Children depict the value of every number on a line using cotton swabs and paint, making it easier for them to understand what each number signifies. They are able to observe the left-to-right growth of numerical values.

  • Play dominoes matching the numbers. Children calculate the dots on dominoes or combine the two numbers they can see to reach the total, then place the dots by the total dots on the line. Subtraction would also work in this situation.

  • Jump and squat following the line. Here is a number line exercise that will make kids laugh. Put them to the test by asking them to bring a ball through the line and dump it on a specified number without ever using their hands!

    They can carry it in any position they wish, including between their knees and beneath their neck. You'll chuckle at their actions while also learning from them, and so on.

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