Large Printable Bubble Number 9

Feb 16, 2010
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Large Printable Bubble Number 9

Large Printable Bubble Number 9

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What number activity can be applied to children?

Make exciting activities with your child when it comes to practice math. You can teach numbers with songs or games. So there as they grow up and have to deal with more complicated numbers they will make it less stressful. There are many activities you can apply to your kids about numbers. The easiest and not much effort in preparation is number trains. Kids love blocks and train, so make a number train with an attached large bubble number on it. You need those blocks (better if it is wooden blocks with different colors), a ruler scale, tape and space to play. Attah your printed large bubble number on the wooden blocks. You can give a stack of trains depending on the number of blocks horizontally to make a train like. Repeat this as many times as you can until they get bored. Kids learn the number sense and counting from this number train with activity.

How to teach numbers to a toddler?

If you have a toddler, the hard part in introducing numbers to them is to tell the difference between 6 and 9 also 1 and 7. However do not step back and wait too long to teach them. Play with number toys because you can’t just let toddler count loud and hope they recognize numbers. This means you allow them to see, touch and help them understand what each number means. You can print a large bubble number on paper and buy a number wood block to match the pattern. Doing a routine of counting is also a different skill since it will be more than recognizing numbers. When they like coloring, get them the printed large bubble number with their favourite characters or food theme. Count on how many items they color.

Printable Bubble Numbers 9
Printable Bubble Numbers 9downloadvia
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Printable Bubble Numbers 9
Printable Bubble Numbers 9downloadvia

How to overcome problems with number recognition to children?

As for children commonly educated to simple counting, sometimes parents have problems with their kids in number recognition. As for common mistakes in number recognition for children is confusing six and nine. Because these numbers look like they are drawn upside down. They find it difficult that six have the ball on the bottom and nine on top. They are also struggling to number recognition because they don’t understand the concept. The solution to both these problems is repetition. They need to see a large bubble number printed on the wall or on their book for them to practice tracing the shape of numbers. Children need to see, hear and deal with numbers many times to get the result of learning, understanding and remembering about numbers.

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