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Updated on Nov 07, 2022
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How did the Thanksgiving symbolism of the pumpkin story come about?

As you are aware, the first image that immediately comes to mind when you see a pumpkin is a Jack O'lantern from Halloween. The pumpkin has established itself as a well-known Halloween mascot, as many people know. However, it appears that pumpkin also plays a part in Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving's adoption of the pumpkin as a mascot is justified by the fact that, in contrast to Halloween, Thanksgiving uses pumpkins to signify things that are more positive and joyful.

Pumpkins may also symbolize a fresh start and a possibility to begin over from scratch in ourselves, our families, and our social circles. Pumpkins also appear to symbolize a strong point, according to research.

This is related to the farmers who work tirelessly in the fields now as they did in the past to harvest pumpkins. It also reflects the memorable experiences of being a kid and visiting pumpkin farms just for the purpose of choosing the best-looking pumpkin.

Additionally, it develops into a custom that is handed down through the generations. The way pumpkins develop and the urge for them to distribute nutrients to each other would be another intriguing aspect of them. Pumpkins also stand for success, progress, and wealth.

According to the justification given, there are many factors associated with Thanksgiving, and the pumpkin ends up serving as its mascot.

What activities are offered on Thanksgiving Day?

Thanksgiving celebrations involve more than just a turkey dinner. Whether you're spending the holiday with family, friends, or a special one, it turns out there are many easy things you may do.

Here are some activities that can serve you can do on Thanksgiving Day!

  • Play Thanksgiving memory games. The memory game template is required for this game, as well as at least 2-4 players. In terms of the memory game template, make sure it includes representations of Thanksgiving-related symbols like turkeys, cornucopias, cranberries, corn, pumpkins, and beans.

  • Make a craft with children. Invite the kids to join in on the pleasure of setting the dinner table by making easy Thanksgiving crafts. You may find all the references for the Thanksgiving craft online.

  • Put some decorations on your porch. Are your friends visiting? By adding a wreath or other Thanksgiving-themed decor to your front porch, you can make it look artistic, and many more.

These are some friendly activities to do with your kids at home or to play in the classroom together. Don't forget to make some gratitude notes with blessing mix bags to celebrate and share with grateful hearts to others too. It will be a nice warm gift for your friends.

Printable Thanksgiving Memory Game
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How do you play Thanksgiving Memory Game?

Play a Thanksgiving memory game with your family to practice your Thanksgiving game the night before! The symbols on the cards—turkeys, cornucopias, cranberries, maize, pumpkins, and beans—are all you need to keep in mind when you need to memorize where they are.

First of all, turning over two cards is a turn-based game. When they line up, you maintain the pair and move on to the next turn. Next, flip the cards back over if they don't match, and during your upcoming turn, attempt to recall what and where they were located.

Since there are 12 total pairings, thus the winner is whoever has the most cards until the game end.

In addition, the names of the symbols in the template, vocabulary, and other Thanksgiving-related concepts are all taught and practiced through this game. Furthermore, kids in kindergarten and primary school will benefit most from playing this game.

How to obtain a template for a memory game for Thanksgiving?

If you don't want to go out for Thanksgiving dinner, spending the day with your children can be a wonderful option.

Playing a memory game with the kids is one of the things you may do with them. Regarding the template for the Thanksgiving memory game, typically there are two sizes included in a single template bundle, namely large and small.

Twelve pictures in the huge format are spread across two pages, with six images per page. On one page, there are 12 pictures in a small size.

Now let's talk about how to print the template. To start, print the template by using the print tool. If you want results that are sturdy and don't fall out quickly, choose card stock paper as the paper being used.

The template should then be cut using scissors or a paper cutter to make things simpler. It can occasionally be simple to see into white paper from the back. In order to use them, print them on scrapbook paper or glue them on construction paper after cutting them out.

Additionally, with laminating wrappers and a laminating machine, you could seal them to make them last longer.

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