Printable Food Trivia

May 16, 2014
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Printable Food Trivia

Printable Food Trivia

Food Quiz Printable
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What are some fun facts about food?

When it comes to playing trivia quiz, we are required to understand that the given facts and quiz are peculiar, yet not too important for some reason. There are plenty of facts that can be played in the trivia quiz. One of the favorites and popular trivia quiz is food trivia. Well, to win the trivia quiz of a food trivia game, we can use a little trick. Yes, we learn a night or some days before we join the game. When it comes to learning for food trivia, we need to understand some fun facts that can be used as the prediction of the quiz.

Here are some fun facts about food that are commonly appeared on food trivia quiz:
1. Dark chocolate was produced in a form of a bar in 1910.
2. The fruit of nectarine is called "nectarine" because it is considered as sweet as nectar.
3. Raspberry is not a member of the berry family but the rose family.
4. Broccoli has more protein than a meat steak.
5. Apple can give more boost of energy than a cup of coffee because it contains carbohydrates, fiber, vitamin C, and various kinds of minerals.
6. Avocado is actually a berry with a large seed.
7. Spam is actually the abbreviation of "Spiced ham".
8. Bananas are also berries, but surprisingly strawberries are not.


Did you know trivia about food?

One of the questions that also frequently appear in trivia food is a "did you know?" kind of questions. Actually, besides learning the facts of foods that come in a form of a full statement, we also need to learn about this kind of question to win the game.

Here are some "Did you know"s that predictably appears on the food trivia game:
1. Did you know foods can't be tasted by mouth if they are not mixed with saliva.
2. Did you know that lemons have sugar composition more than strawberries do.
3. Did you know reindeers are into bananas.
4. Did you know honey never get stinky or rotten.
5. Did you know the calorie burns when eating celery is bigger than the calorie inside the celery itself.
6. Did you know the fortune cookie firstly appeared in San Francisco.
7. Did you know the rice is considered a staple food for 50% of the world's population.
8. Did you know french fries came from Belgium.
9. Did you know we can buy beer that is brewed from Bananas.
10. Did you know the croissant is not from French, but Austria.

Printable Food Trivia Questions and Answers
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What is the world's most widely consumed food?

We can also predict the facts that will appear in the food trivia quiz. We don't need panic because there are thousands of the answer to this question can be found on the internet, including here. Well, then, what is the most eaten food in the world? The list of popular foods in the world is:
1. Pizza.
2. Pasta.
3. Hamburger.
4. Soup.
5. Bread.
6. Salad.
7. Rice.
8. Eggs.

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