Food Memory Game Printable

Mar 27, 2009
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Food Memory Game Printable

Food Memory Game Printable

Printable Memory Game
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What is the benefit of playing memory games?

To nurture children skills in the early years can be obtained effectively through playing games. Children can develop their imagination, listening ability and also their cognitive skills. Memory games are likely to be a part of this process.  A memory game can improve children's brain functions such as attention, concentration and focus. It also helps their visual recognition. As the games based on spotting difference or connecting two related images this help their visual discrimination. When you happen to play a food memory game with your children, they can start to notice and absorb information of names, shapes and color from the card given about the variety of food. A short term memory is the key of a memory game, therefore it helps them improve the area. A good short term relates to their long term memory as well. As children start to be more cautious of the next move, they get the feel of thinking ahead and plotting what is next.

How to improve children's memory?

Children use working memory all the time to learn. It is needed to follow steps or solve math problems in their head. There are many strategies to help the improvement of your child. You can start by building  working memory games into daily life. Encourage them to create their own picture of what they have read or heard. How do they picture cucumber? How do they imagine chili? Then you can ask them to draw it. Or else the food memory game can be played to have children memorize the picture of food shown within 5 seconds and move forward to get them describe it. Do not forget to take turns to recite the cards with your children so they might have fun as well during the memory game.

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Printable Memory Matching Games
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How does working memory help children to learn?

Working memory helps children hold on to information long enough to use it. It plays an important role in concentration and following instructions. The way working memory helps children to learn is like making notes inside their mind to keep short-term information. When they are having trouble in math class, this is probably caused by they tend to keep all the numbers inside their head and figure out the answers yet need to write down the problem at the same time. Incoming information and information stored in working memory helps children to do an activity. When the working memory is developed, their difficulty of grabbing and holding information will decrease as time goes by.

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