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Updated on Nov 11, 2022
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Printable Periodic Table with Names
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How do you introduce students to the periodic table?

Even though memorizing the elements of the periodic table seems hard for kids, you could simplify the form and let them learn it in a fun way. It is quite important to learn because it’s identified the elements that exist in this universe. That’s why kids need to learn in this field.

As the school semester starts, you might introduce them to the elements on the table chart. Instead of throwing the table that way, do some learning medium alternative to make the students enjoy the lesson.

Starting with fun activity is a must to gain their attention. Let the students to moving around with the labels of elements and ask them to seat based on the table on the board. After they found the seat, explain the use of elements.

Tell them which elements are multifunction and also the most essential. Knowing those facts, let the kids explain with the sentence that represents the elements on their hands.

Through song, students memorize the elements better. Requires the students to create a song with the elements on the table in groups. Free them from choosing which ones to include in the song. Set the minimum amount of 10 elements included. Allow the students to have the song instrument along with it.

Arrange it to make a treasure hunt game sounds engaging. Make some elements cutouts from the table chart and spread them to hide them in the classroom. Have a list of the treasure hunt template that consists of some elements you hide. Make each student receive different types of lists and let them find the elements. They are also required to present it in front of the class about what elements they found and their use of it.  

Those interactive learning activities would let them have fun and engage with the elements on the periodic table. You can also involve other fun learning methods to make them excited more.

How do you make the periodic table fun?

Mastering the chemistry concept should be through the chemistry periodic table. While serving the ordinary template, students might be a bit scared about how to study the elements. Therefore, making the table in fun versions is the way. Select some of it and try it on with your students!

Arrange the students to start learning the elements with an anchor chart. Free them to explain the elements with their own style. Through this step, the students already have their own references for learning it.

Have a table with the illustration image to represent the elements on it. Using the illustration makes the kids know where they can find the elements and also engage them to be more understanding instead of presenting the symbols.

Singing to a periodic table song after making the table excites them in learning it. Encourage students to sing with you while still looking at the table as guidance. Crafting the card deck elements is such a good idea for memorizing tools. It’s easier to flip so they can just guess the next elements while memorizing it.

Introduce the students to elements of characters. Having a set of cards with the characters would be fun learning. The characters would stick up into their memory along with the elements includes.

Printable Blank Periodic Table
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Download Blank Table Template
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Printable Periodic Table Elements
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Blank Periodic Table
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Printable Blank Periodic Table Template
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Printable Blank Periodic Table
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Blank Periodic Table Worksheet Printable Template
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Understanding The Periodic Table Printable Charts
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Printable Periodic Table Black And White
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Can I involve coloring in teaching chemical elements?

While teaching the kids chemistry, fun and engaging learning material is needed. Therefore, putting up with activities they are familiar with is key. Involving the coloring in learning chemicals is not something possible. Having a coloring worksheet that includes the chemical elements could be engaging.

Coloring the template of the periodic table based on the categories is a fun teaching tool. Provide the details of category clues below the table and let the students color the periodic table based on their knowledge and also the clues.

Besides, coloring based on the chemical names sounds engaging too. List the illustration clues on the sides along with the color codes. Requires the students to match the image with the code and color each element with the result.

Choose the design with coloring by elements. In this worksheet, students require to color the object with the clues using chemical elements to solve. So, they need to match the symbols and the name of the elements to know what kind of color to put on the picture.

The simplest one is coloring the image which represents the chart of chemical elements. Provides the template along with the blank picture to color. For the symbols and the name, you could make the students to connecting the dots and have a clear chemical name stated on the worksheet.

Pick one of these coloring activities to be in your class and let your students learn in a fun way! Therefore, make sure you already acknowledge them with the table chart, so they wouldn’t be shocked seeing the worksheet the first time.

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