Story Of Creation Printable

Dec 04, 2015
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Story Of Creation Printable

Story Of Creation Printable

Creation Bible Story Printables
Creation Bible Story Printablesdownload


What is the story of creation in the Bible?

The story of creation in the Bible is made up of two stories. In the first story, Elohim who is the Hebrew generic word for God creates earth and heavens in six days. He then blesses the earth in the day of seven. That’s why some people believe God creates earth only in seven days. Meanwhile, in the second story, God who then referred to the name of Yahweh, creates Adam from the dust and places him in the Garden of Eden. He is then known as the first man. God made him a companion called Eve who then known as the first woman.

Where did Genesis originate?

Genesis which tells about the story of creation originates from the first word of the first sentence called Berehsit which means “In the beginning of”. The ancient Greek then called it Genesis, taken from the phrase “The generation of earth and heaven”. Basically, the Book of Genesis which is the first book of Hebrew Bible and the Christian Old Testament tells about the early history of humanity of Jewish people.

How many years ago was Jesus alive?

Scholars have a special method to construct a chronology of Jesus life. Using this method, they have guessed the year of the birth of Jesus. They have two main approaches to estimate the day when Jesus born. The first one is based on the Gospels that reference to the King Herod’s reign. Based on this basis of method, they assume a date of Jesus birth was between 6 and 4 BC. They also predicted when was the first time Jesus began to preach. They assume, he was 30 years old at that time and during the fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar. However, some people believed that he began to preach in the time when people build Temple in Jerusalem. There is also a version where it was started when John the Baptist died.

Sunday School Creation Wheel Craft
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Creation Printables for Kids
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Days of Creation Story Worksheet
Days of Creation Story Worksheetdownload
Printable Creation Story Wheel
Printable Creation Story Wheeldownload
Printable Creation Story Wheel
Printable Creation Story Wheeldownload


How to teach kids about the story of creation?

You need some fun ways to tell kids about the story of creation. You can use an illustration such as a story book or you can also ask them to draw. Whatever it is, the most important is you use images to make them easier to understand the creation of this world that coming from Bible. Make them feel enjoyed when they learn about it.

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