St Patrick's Day Activities Printables

Feb 14, 2023
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St. Patricks Day Printables
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What is The History of St. Patrick's Day?

St. Patrick's Day is a celebration held to commemorate the death of Saint Patrick who is the patron of Ireland. The celebration is held every March for 17 every years by various Christians around the world, especially in Ireland. However, do you know the complete history of St. Patrick's Day?

Patrick is the son of a wealthy family who comes of Roman-British descent. His grandfather and father were devout adherents of church teachings and held high positions in the church. Because of that, Patrick has a dream to pursue it as well.

When he was 16 years old, Patrick was kidnapped by pirates from Ireland and became a slave on the Gaelic Islands. Finally, for 6 years he had to live his life by becoming a shepherd. Well, in the 6th year, he found the meaning of "God."

After that, he escaped by crossing the ocean on a ship that took him back to his home. There, he finally became a priest.

Patrick died on March 17th and his remains were buried in Downpatrick. In fact, Saint Patrick has gone through many journeys until finally he is called the Patron Saint of Ireland.

St. Patrick's Day is also synonymous with green. As it turns out, it stems from Patrick always wearing the Shamrock which is also the symbol of Patrick's Day. The shamrock has a green color.

The Shamrock was used by Patrick to spread Christian teachings about the Holy Trinity which includes Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in Ireland. Since his death, Irish people still pay homage to Saint Patrick through the celebration of St. Patrick. Patrick Day.

They do St. Patrick's Day activities such as parades, wearing all-green clothes and accessories, drinking green beer, and eating typical Irish menus.

What Activities Can You Do When St. Patrick's Day?

On the celebration of St. Patrick's Day, there are many activities that can be done with family, friends, or partners. Well, you can celebrate St. Patrick's Day in fun ways. We give you St. Patrick's Day activities that you can do.

  1. Wearing Green Clothes and Accessories

    You can't miss a moment on March 17 without wearing clothes or accessories that are all green. You can wear green accessories that symbolize St. Patrick's Day.

  2. Attend St. Parade Patrick's Day

    Every March 17th, a parade is always held to commemorate St. Patrick's Day in several countries. You can find information about which area around you celebrates the event.

  3. Shamrock Cake Decorating

    One of St. Patrick's Day activities is decorating a shamrock cake. You can compete with family members, friends, or partners to give the best decoration to the shamrock cake.

  4. Crafting St. Patrick's Day

    St. Patrick's Day is also synonymous with leprechauns. You can try making plates, hats, wreaths, and crafts out of St. Patrick's-themed paper. In that way, you will get crafts that you can display at home.

  5. Playing A Game

    Not only children but St. Patrick's Day games can also be played by adults. You can play games like playing green dice and puzzles with the theme of St. Patrick's Day.

St. Patricks Day Coloring Pages
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Do a Dot Printables St. Patricks Day
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St. Patricks Day Crafts and Activities
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Here’s The History of The First Parade was Conducted on St. Patrick's Day

The parade is an activity that displays various kinds of people who use unique costumes and accessories in all-green colors. Of course, this will make people very enthusiastic about the St. Patrick's Day parade.

For this reason, in some countries, parades are a mandatory thing do when celebrating St. Patrick's Day. However, you can't just watch. In order not to get bored and join in the euphoria of St. Patrick's Day, you can also wear green clothes or accessories when watching the parade.

However, the first St. Patrick's Day was not performed in Ireland. Then, where was the first parade of St. Patrick's Day done? Apparently, the celebration of the first St. Patrick's Day took place in Boston, in 1737. Meanwhile, the first parade took place in New York in 1762.

In Ireland itself, the first St. Patrick's Day was held in Waterford in 1903. Since then, St. Patrick's Day is a national holiday in Ireland until now.

Then, historical evidence was found in Seville which is located in the Archivo General de Indias. From this evidence, it can be seen that the celebration of the first St. Patrick's Day was held in 1601 in St. Augustine, Florida.

In that year, that area was under Spanish occupation. Well, during the Spanish occupation, Saint Patrick protected the city's corn fields.

Many historians say that Richard Arthur, of Irish descent, who came up with the idea for the first parade to commemorate St. Patrick's Day. Richard Arthur is a parish priest at St. Augustine.

On March 17, 1601, artillery was fired in the streets to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Then, residents were asked to be along the city streets as a sign of respect for Saint Patrick.

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