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Updated on Jan 28, 2022
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25 Square Football Pool Grid
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What are the sports that good for children?

Starting to introduce the kids to sports is such a good idea. Besides having fun, sports also have some benefits that definitely good for the kid’s development. Here are the sports that fit well for kids along with its benefit.

Football belongs to a common sport that your kids might enjoy. This sport is well known for creating adrenaline rushes which is good for kids’ development.

Playing football makes the kids to be disciplined person and improves teamwork ability. Football also has some physical benefits for your kids such as promoting muscle strength, endurance, flexibility, and many more.

Introducing your kids to swimming is such a good idea. This sport is able to boost the kid’s ability in breathing control and improve muscle strength. Bicycling is also a fun sport.

Choose the bike styles as your kids' learning stage and let them have fun with it. With cycling sport, kids can have social benefits such as being patient with people, having self-esteem, and boosting their leg strength.

This sport also has many physical benefits such as strengthening legs, balancing, reflexes, and many more.

You can consider introducing other sports to your kids: inline skating, basketball, running, gymnastics, tennis, cheerleading, judo, and many more.

After you already introduce them to the sport, then it’s time to let them freely choose what they like and continue the sport as a routine activity.  

How can I play football squares?

Football squares belong to the Super Bowl games that are quite famous for parties. This is a game that you can play in groups. The grid that commonly uses for this game is a 10x10. Let’s jump to the preparation and how to play the game!

Start with creating the 10x10 grids. You can draw the grid on a large poster board using a black marker. Create 100 grids that are large enough to fit your friend’s name.

If you want to have a perfect grid, just go with the app on your computer and print it. After having the grids, you can start to label the upper and the left side with 0-9. Then, you can continue to assign the football teams on the grid.

One for the top and the other one for the side. If you think the participant is in a lower amount, you can go with the 50 squares. 

Time to share the grids. Ask the person near you whether they watch the Super Bowl match or not and continue with the question of whether they will watch the next match or not. If they will, just share the grid with them.

Continue with letting each participant pick the box. Write the initials of the nickname on the grid.  Print your grid and make the cutouts from it. Place it into the hat and draw the numbers from it.

Time for playing! Gather all of your participants in a room to watch the football. Count the score to find the winner which already exists on your grid numbers. Then, decide the winner and gave them the prize.

Those are how you can play football squares. Gather all your friends to have fun at the football party!

50 Square Football Pool Template
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50 Square Football Pool Grid
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Super Bowl Football Squares Template 50
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Printable Football Pool Square Super Bowl 50
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Printable Super Bowl Squares Grid
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How do you arrange the football coloring grid activity?

To make the kids stick with the Super Bowl match, you can arrange the worksheet that is in line with the match.

A football coloring grid is such a great idea for this one. If you seek ideas in constructing this worksheet, just go straight on and get inspired!

The football coloring grid basically is a worksheet that makes the kids color each grid by following the clues. To arrange this worksheet, you have to decide the things you want to place on the worksheet.

The ball sounds like a good introduction. Let’s jump to preparing the grid!

Prepare the grid template in the amount you think it’s fit the ball. 400 grid design is large enough. Label the side grid with numbers and below with the alphabet.

Attach the color that kids need to use on the worksheet. Make sure you also include the clues that define where they have to color it.

The clues will be including the alphabet and also the numbers they can find on the grid to color.

Let’s get to know how the kids can do this worksheet. After seeing the worksheet, kids will see the types of colors they will use. For the ball, they gotta use brown, dark brown, and grey.

Instruct the kids to see on the clues starting with the alphabet and then the numbers. Let them color each grid with the appropriate color, so they will see what the picture that actually on the grid.

That’s how you can arrange the football grid activity for the kids. You can elaborate the worksheet with other types of football items or even another sport.

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