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Updated on Apr 05, 2023
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What Outdoor Activities Can Inspire Your Writing?

Writing is a fun activity. However, sometimes we will lose the idea to write. Well, several ways can help you get lots of writing ideas. One of them is by doing outdoor activities.

Outdoor activities can help you to get fresh air which can clear your mind. Well, when your brain is relaxed, writing ideas will be easier to get.

It has also been explained by scientists. They found evidence that outdoor activities will make the body and mind healthier. Outdoor activities can also help you to be happier and more creative.

So, outdoor activities will be able to make you write words easily. Because of that, here we give you some activities related to blooming ideas in spring: how outdoor activities can inspire your writing.

  1. Picnic

    Don't force yourself to write when your brain is exhausted and you have no ideas. Take a minute to picnic at a location closest to your home. You can have a picnic alone while having lunch.

    Parks are the best places for picnics. You can also have a picnic near the lake. The natural beauty there will make your brain relax. Finally, you can make a great writing idea.

  2. Swimming

    If you like swimming, you can also make this activity a way to get writing ideas. The freshwater from the swimming pool will relax your mind and body. After swimming, spend time eating first. Then, start writing.

  3. Riding

    Do you like riding? If "yes," you can cycle in the morning or evening. You can ride in an area that has good views. Fresh air and beautiful scenery around you will make your brain make brilliant ideas for writing.

  4. Meet Up with Friends

    Try to spend time with your friends. The reason is, social interaction can make you happier. So, when you're happy, your brain can come up with good writing ideas.

    Not only that, but you can also ask them for some ideas. From all your conversations with your friends, you can also make them as writing ideas.

  5. Go to The Zoo

    If you like animals, you can visit the zoo to get writing ideas. By coming to the zoo, you can see various types of animals. The natural atmosphere at the zoo can also help your brain make lots of new ideas that you have never thought of before.

  6. Hiking

    Hiking is also one of the best ways to come up with great writing ideas. You can climb to the nearest hill or mountain from where you live. The view of the mountain will allow you to do self-reflection and finally, you can make lots of interesting writing ideas.

If you want to do it a simple way, sit in front of your house or your backyard. Then, feel the fresh air while eating food or drinking your favorite drink. Also, listen to your favorite music.

Everything you see outside the house will allow you to know many new things. Examples are clear skies, rainwater, or the activities of people around your home. From there, you can make ideas for your writing.

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What are The Best Outdoor Writing Activities for Children?

Writing is an activity that can give many benefits to children. By writing, children can become more focused, learn a lot of new knowledge, and think creatively.

Meanwhile, outdoor activities can also help children to do a lot of exploration to increase their creativity. So, it's a good idea to ask children to play outdoors. Especially, if you want to teach children to write.

Now, by integrating writing activities and outdoor activities, there will be significant benefits for children. Therefore, these 5 outdoor writing activities will be fun activities for children.

  1. Storytelling in The Garden

    Outdoor group activities are the best idea to make children get writing ideas. So, you can go to the park with the kids. Then, do storytelling for a group of children. So, after you've finished storytelling, you can ask them to write a story with the same theme as the book you've read.

  2. Playing in The Sandbox

    Kids will love playing in the sand. Well, you can ask them to play in the sand and find paper-filled bottles. You must put a piece of paper with one word in each bottle. Well, children can make writing ideas from a word on the bottle.

  3. Gardening

    Gardening activities can also help children find writing ideas. The reason is, by doing these activities, children can find various types of plants and flowers. Well, they can make writing ideas from the types of plants they find. They also can write about the gardening process.

  4. Playing in The Tree House

    Tree houses can help children to imagine. So, you have to ask children to play in the tree houses to help children find writing ideas.

  5. Playing in The Play Castle

    In some parks, there are play castles. Well, you can ask the children to wear royal costumes. Then, ask them to enter the palace. From there, they can find many writing ideas related to royal stories.

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