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Updated on Jun 27, 2022
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Turtle Paper Bag Puppet Printables
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How can you recycle the paper bag?

Saving the earth by recycling can be considered to be heroic action. Recycling itself is the process of gathering the materials and processing them to make a new product instead of throwing them in as trash. This action has many benefits such as reducing the amount of waste, conserving natural resources, reducing pollution, saving energy, and helping to create jobs in the recycling industry. In this case, we talk about paper bag recycling. There are some ways for you to recycle this material. 

Using the paper bag for compost. Collect any paper bag you can find in your house, and throw the contains such as food waste. Tear it up and throw it into the compost pile. You can also use it as a recycling container by placing any paper waste on it.

Recycling them onto the cover of your book would be very beneficial. Create some decoration for it to make it more interesting. Using the paper bag as moving containers would make it easier while also saving money for this purpose. It allows you to load your clothes, book, and many things that fit into the paper bag.

Besides, using a leftover paper bag on your plants prevent the weeds in your garden. Place the plain paper bags to wrap around your plants before moving to the composing step. Reuse the paper bag as gift bags and tags. Utilizing it as a gift wrapper can save your money more.

A left-over paper bag can be used to make the kids’ crafts such as the hand puppet. Find the tutorial on how to create the paper bag below as the guidance. As a result, instead of throwing it as trashes, consider recycling the paper bag which can make you save more money instead of buying new things that make more waste.

How to make a paper bag puppet?

Delivering the story using puppets is undeniably interesting, especially for kids. There are many kinds of puppets for you to tell the story. It can be hand or glove puppet, rod puppet, finger puppet, shadow, sock, and many more. In terms of making hand puppets, you can use any material such as a paper bag.

A leftover paper bag can be the main material of the puppet. Start now, don’t throw away the paper bag, and start making the crafting to entertain your kids. Here are the steps to making the paper bag puppet.

First of all, you need to decide the theme of the puppet design you want to make. As an example from the animals puppet theme, you can use the owl puppet. Prepare the material such as a paper bag, white blank paper, coloring pencil, glue, and scissor. Create the face ornaments such as the owl’s eyes, and nose part using the blank paper.

Then, start to create the wings and claws. Color each of the additional elements then stick it out to the paper bag. Place everything as it should. The owl paper bag is ready to use. In conclusion, even from the leftover things, you can make such an interesting craft for your kids to learn.

Paper Bag Horse Puppet Template
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Printable Paper Bag Puppet Template
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What are the benefits of the puppet for kids playing?

To make the kids interested in your story, using puppets could be fascinating. The puppet is used to narrate the story and deliver it using your hands to enact the story. The combos of story and puppet could make the kids entertained with how you deliver the story for them. Using puppets might be beneficial for learning activities. Here are the use of puppet in terms of education.

Puppet play helps your child to learn to communicate. You can create a puppet together with your kids and make them tell the story using it. For the exercise, give them an example first and ask them some questions using the puppet and puppet’s voice, so they can still learn to communicate while exercising.

It also trains the kids to understand the concept. Using the puppet to narrate the story make the kids listen and observe the story. It makes them understand the concept of the story you tell them. Besides, you can deliver the moral of the story which they might remember for a lifetime and learn from it.

Making the kids deliver any story using the puppet can enhance the student’s creativity. Using their style of puppet voice sound would be enjoyable for them. Another way can be playing a puppet to present the creative game such as delivering the imaginary story. It also makes the kids participate in the craft work.

If you plan to make the puppet from the scratch, don’t forget to make your kids participate in the puppet creation. Puppets also help children and motor skills, knowing the visuals, and emotions. It also helps them to overcome shyness, develop confidence, and make them speak up more by delivering the story. As a result, by using a crafting work such as puppet, the kids gain many benefits which are great for growing up.

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