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May 25, 2022
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How can I make a snowman wreath?

To welcome the winter, you might come up with decorations to make your house festive. There are many kinds of decoration items you can choose from. The wreath will be great to embellish your house. Because winter is always connected to the snowman, you can adopt this as your wreath frame. Let’s jump to DIY it!

Gather all the materials first. It consists of grapevines, white paint, a brush, a ribbon, a light bulb, colored paper in black and red, scissor, glue, and string. Paint the grapevines in all-white.

Make sure all of the surfaces are covered. Let all the painting dry. Continue with making the embellishment. Use red and black paper to create the hat and scarf accent.

After the grapevines are ready, construct them to be two circular shapes. The one should be the smallest. Connect the two circular grapevines to look like the eight numbers. Use the string to tie it and make sure of the tightness. Place the light bulbs on the grapevines.

Add the hat accent on the top and the scarf in the middle. Lastly, take the ribbon and make it an embellishment. Place it at your door and make everyone impress.

Those are how you can construct the snowman wreath using grapevines. You can also use other materials such as fabric. Apply this style as your wreath and see how the guest can impress with it.

How can kids craft a snowman?

When it comes to kids learning, you must include crafting in it. Welcome to the winter season making a snowman craft is such a good idea. This project also can be a great introduction for them to the things that are connected to the winter. Here are how you can arrange the crafting activity for kids.

Cotton is such a common material for kids crafting. It’s perfect for snowman crafts because of the all-white color. Gather all the materials such as cotton, colored paper, glue, beads, and scissor. For the colored paper, you can go with black, red, and white. Let’s jump to the making process!

Create the snowman cutout using white paper. Continue with sticking the cotton until all of the surfaces are covered. Stick the black beads as the eyes while the orange ones will be the nose. Jump to making the hat and scarf details using red and black paper.

You can let the kids use stencils to have a perfect shape. then, stick the hat and scarf details on the snowman. The snowman cotton is ready to place as the wall décor.

Aside from the cotton, you can also use the popsicle stick to create the snowman. This kind of craft will look like a puppet. Things you need to gather are popsicle sticks, white paper, black markers, coloring pencils, glue, scissor, and a small tree branch.

Make the snowman cutout out of white paper. add the facial ornaments of the eyes, nose, and mouth using a black marker and also the coloring pencil. Continue with sticking the snowman into the popsicle stick. Glued the tree branch as the hands part. The popsicle stick snowman is ready as a puppet.

Those are the ideas for making the snowman craft. Choose the one that belongs to the kids’ favorite and have great crafting!

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What are the winter foods I can serve for dinner?

Winter is cold, then you need food to warm up your body. Many kinds of recipes you can choose to serve. If you seek ideas for winter foods for dinner, then this post is for you!

Making a Turkey comfort dish of Turkey Biscuit Stew sounds delicate. The special part of this dish is the combination of turkey and biscuit which is perfect for dinner.

Don’t worry if you not having the turkey, just replace it with chicken. Butternut Squash Soup could be one of your options. The ingredients are easy to find. The flavor combination of sweet, silky, and spicy definitely replete you.

If you are craving creamy chicken, just go with Chicken Piccata. This dish consists of creamy sauce from wine, lemon juice, and chicken stock combined with super tender chicken meat. What a mouthwatering.

Go with the simple and easy cook dish of Sausage and Veggies Baked. Gather the sausages and veggies such as potato, carrot, spring onion, and so on. Place into a pan and pour your homemade gravy sauce. This dish won’t make you regret it.

Beef stew definitely everyone’s favorite. Use the chuck part of the beef and let it tender. Serve along with your pan and let everyone enjoy it. This kind of dish is the one you can recook all the time.

Other dishes you can try to warm out your winter night are skillet lasagna, split pea soup, chicken mac and cheese, French onion soup, and many more.

Find the recipe and cook it right away!

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