Printable Football Field

Feb 06, 2009
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Printable Football Field

Printable Football Field

Football Field Template
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 What is the size of the football field?

The standard length size of a football field is 100 yards or 91.44 m. It is measured between the line goals. Then, the width of the football field is precisely 160 feet or 48.8 m. There is also an extension area as long as 10 yards or 9.144 m that passes the goal lines to the end of the line. So, the total length is 120 yard or 109.7 m. Usually, when someone asks for the size of a football field, we can immediately answer 100 yard. However, technically, the total length of the field that is used in the league and the end zones is 120 yards or 109.7 m.

Even though we can play football everywhere as long as it is outdoors, however, there must be a fixed size of football field. This fixed size have to be used for an official league. The standard helps the game play well, without giving any harm to anyone who is involved in the team, including the players, the supporters, and many more.

What is the football field called?

The football field can be called "Gridiron". This term has existed since the 14th century. This word actually used to depict a metal utensil that has grids for cooking over a fire. However, in the 19th century and early 20th century, football actually stood for rugby. Besides the peculiarity of the rugby players, including wearing hard plastic helmets and shoulder pads, they play in the field that has grids or square patterns. There was a sports writer describing the football field by using the word gridiron. He also wrote including, "The lines on a football field make a checkerboard effect and have given to the field the name of 'gridiron.'"

Are all football fields the same size?

No, not every football field has the same size even though there is a fixed standard. The rules of the games declare that the length should be as long as 100 yard to 130 yard. The width is not less than 5- yard and not overlapped as wide as 100 yard. So, as long as the width and the length of the football field is still inside the fixed range, then each football field can have a variety of sizes.

Football Field Template Printable
Football Field Template Printabledownload
Football Field Template
Football Field Templatedownload
Printable Football Field Diagram
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Blank Football Field Diagram
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American Football Field Diagram
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Printable Football Decorations
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Who invented football?

Before we try to play on the football field, there is a history behind the football. We can't play football if Walter Camp invented this. We can determine that he is the Father of American Football. There was a match that had a transition change of the rule of the game. He contributes the most when it comes to the transition change. This transition occurred when there was an inter-campus matches of a game of rugby.

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