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Aug 22, 2022
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Multiplication 12 Times Table Chart Printable
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How to create a multiplication coloring project?

In creating teaching and learning materials, you might use some collaboration to make learning to be more fun for your students. If you become a creative and innovative teacher, you’ll find it awesome when your class is excited about it. Therefore creating materials should not only have interesting sides, but you should also consider students' engagement itself. That’s why the students' evaluation should be done. Let us move to the materials collaboration between coloring and multiplication. These combos would be great to try out in your class especially if you want to bring students excitement in learning multiplications. In making this project template, you have to consider your students' ability in solving the multiplication. Make sure what you place in there is what you’ve taught. To create this combo project for your students, you should do some preparation. These are to prepare the template by making the multiplication questions in a large amount to fill the grid and white paper to print it out. You should instruct students to bring their coloring equipment to use during the day. Provide the grid template that you’ve been preparing and list the multiplication questions on the grid. Make sure your grid has numbers and the alphabet to define the place of each box. You can make such a list of questions with the placing instructions also. Continue to print the template on a piece of paper. If you instruct them to bring pencils color, you can use regular paper. But when you free them to bring anything, then you should print the grid on the thick one to prevent leaking of color. After done preparing the template, it’s time for you to start executing it. Give the grid to the students. Tell them to carefully give their attention to you and you can start to tell them the rules of solving the multiplication task. In this project, the students have to solve the multiplications first. The result of the question, define which box numbers they have to place. Because it’s only for numbers, you have to provide the letters to define the vertical lines on the grid. In the end, your students will know what kind of picture the multiplication forms from coloring the boxes on the grid. These are how you can collaborate on multiplication and coloring materials. By using coloring to solve the picture on the grid, your students might be excited to answer the multiplication questions. If you come up with another idea for material collaboration, don’t be shy to apply it to your class with all those considerations above. 

Printable Multiplication Grid
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Printable Times Table Grid
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Printable Multiplication Times Table Chart
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Printable Multiplication Times Table Grid 1-12
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Printable Blank Times Table Practice Grids
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Printable Multiplication Grid Times Table 1 To 10
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Times Tables Square Printable Multiplication Chart
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Printable Times Table Grid Multiplication Poster
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Printable Large Multiplication Chart Template
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What are the facts of the multiplication table?

Multiplication table might very familiar to us as one of the media that help us to memorize the multiplication. The vertical and horizontal boxes are both connected to define the multiplication itself. The first rows would be such as questions of multiplication and the contents on the other rows are the result. The system of reading the multiplication table is that imagine that there are 90 degrees of angle connecting the vertical and horizontal lines. When it comes to history, multiplication tables existed since ancient times. The oldest multiplication tables were used by Babylonians. It was like 4000 years ago. The Babylonians use the base of the 60 multiplication system. The oldest known as base 10 multiplication is Chinese. They used the bamboo string as a medium for writing the multiplication table. In recent times, multiplication tables use 99 x 99 tables. It was published by one of a mathematician named John Leslie in 1820. The name of the book is The Philosophy of Arithmetics. Students in lower levels can use a 50 x 50 table which is also recommended by him. Besides of these tables, many schools in China use the smaller table of multiplication. Some schools even remove the first table because 1 is a multiplication identity. These are a brief explanation of multiplication history. However, a multiplication table can be used in daily life too. Multiplication table used for calculating the bills while purchasing some stuff such as food and groceries. It is also useful to calculate mathematical functions such as volume, large, and so on that are related to any object. The main function of having a multiplication table is actually for memorizing the result of multiplication itself. It also helps you to calculate the numbers in the quickest way. In fact, many people tend to use electronic devices such as calculators to multiply. However, even students nowadays still need the multiplication table. Customizing a multiplication table for your kids could be a great idea. Creating a colorful table will be more interesting for your kids. They might be motivated and excited in learning to multiply using the table you’ve made for them. Using the multiplication table might help them in easier to learn further mathematic formulas and also the multiplication itself. 

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