Printable Coordinate Picture Graphs

Jan 23, 2013
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Printable Coordinate Picture Graphs

Printable Coordinate Picture Graphs

Printable Coordinate Graph Paper
Printable Coordinate Graph Paperdownload

Why do kids need to learn coordinate graphs?

Learning coordinate graphs is seemingly unnecessary for kids since we might not even use it later on. Despite that, this learning helps children to understand the horizontal line or the X and the Y or vertical line. By knowing coordinate graphs, they will be able to know how to read a map when the digital application is not helping. This also helps them to understand about longitude and latitude if they happen to like travel or hike. By learning coordination graphs they will be able to obtain skills for mastering translations, reflections and rotations. Young learners can be taught the coordinate graphs by using ordered pairs and drawing the points on the grid to create a coordinate picture graph. There are various patterns for creating these coordinate picture graphs to make it easier for kids to get involved and interested in learning this one math skill.

What obstacles in teaching coordinate graphs?

The obstacles kids will face in learning coordinate graphs are not going to be that much complex. They happen to have a confusion to distinguish the X and Y line. You can describe the X line (horizontal) as the starting point as the line goes up ( and the Y line or that lay down line (vertical line) as the end point. You can use tricks or use board games to guide them knowing the basics of coordinate graphs. Making coordinate picture graphs also a fun activity to do. By ordering the pair from each point and numbers given they can create a particular shape or picture and as they find each ordered pair, they will know where to start and end.  There is a note trick in teaching children to overcome these obstacles. Make a code to break down the X and Y line. As an example, the door is X and the way out from the room is going through the Y line. Door means the start of everything and way out means to come to an end.

Printable Coordinate Graph Paper
Printable Coordinate Graph Paperdownload
Coordinate Grid Graph Paper Printable
Coordinate Grid Graph Paper Printabledownload
Four Coordinate Graph Paper
Four Coordinate Graph Paperdownload
Printable Coordinate Plane Worksheets
Printable Coordinate Plane Worksheetsdownload
Printable Coordinate Graph Worksheets
Printable Coordinate Graph Worksheetsdownload

How to draw a picture with coordinate graphs?

To engage children with coordinate graphs activities, you can make a worksheet with picture puzzles. Make sure you have the right coordinates to create a picture graph. After plotting the coordinates and points, they will be able to create a picture graph you provided. You can make the basic shapes first such as triangle, hexagon or octagon because it is also easier to make the coordinates and for children to follow the instruction.

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